NHL lightning scored three goals in a row to reverse capital shark’s overtime killing red wing

April 30 news, NHL North American ice hockey professional league continue to fight for the playoffs. In the first leg of the semi-final, Tampa Bay Lightning team pulled three goals behind 1-2 to reverse the Washington capital team’s home advantage by 4-2; San Jose Sharks won the start by 2-1 victory over Detroit Red Wings with a goal from Ferrero overtime.

2 to 4 Tampa Bay Lightning in Washington

In the first quarter of the game, the away fighting lightning team took the lead in launching the offensive. At the beginning of the game, only 2:12 seconds later, bergenheim of the lightning team received a wonderful pass from his teammates to score, helping the away team to open the record for the first time. When falling behind, the capital team launched a Jedi counterattack. Under the leadership of the team leader, the team members launched wave after wave of attacks. In 4 minutes and 08 seconds, sermyne seized the opportunity and scored to help the capital team catch up with the score.

In the second quarter of the game, the capital team showed an aggressive momentum, the opening only 1:51, Phil personal breakthrough success, hockey into the net, the home team established a 2-1 lead. However, in the subsequent game, the capital team’s defense loophole, was scored by the lightning team’s Downey and stamks in 16:17 and 19:28, respectively. After the end of this section, the capital team was 2-3 behind.

In the third quarter of the game, the capital team, unwilling to lose, launched the final counterattack. Although it took the initiative on the field, it won’t score. With 40 seconds left before the game, the defense line of the capital team once again appeared loopholes. Moore of the lightning team seized the opportunity to score, and finally the lightning team reversed the capital team 4-2 away to win the opening of the eastern semi-final.

From dislike to liking, Jordan made fun of his emoticons and revealed his reasons for liking Kobe

It’s easy to hate one person, difficult to recognize one person, and harder to like one person. Kobe is a man, not a God, and he can’t get everyone’s likes, especially to let idol Jordan recognize himself and like himself. Kobe left. I thought Jordan would worry about the drama and refuse to appear in Kobe’s memorial meeting, but the low-key Joe came. He also shared with all the fans what he had with Kobe.

After watching the documentaries of Kobe and Gina, Jordan, who spoke on stage, looked sad. Finally, Joe couldn’t help tears. Jordan cried together. I remember that last time at the retirement ceremony of Jordan Hall of fame, Jordan’s crying became a popular expression bag on the Internet. Jordan joked about himself at the memorial meeting. In the next 3-4 years, I had to watch another expression of crying, which was sent by Kobe Bryant. Originally, I didn’t want to come. I told my wife that if I participated, I would often see my new expression pack in the next 3-4 years, but because he is Kobe, I came.

When talking about the past with Kobe, Jordan said that Kobe is like a kid who is always passionate, paranoid and competitive. In this league, everyone is brothers and sisters, and those young brothers always tend to enter your closet and take your shoes (take your cut), so at first, it’s a disgusting feeling. But as time went on, Kobe moved me. He would text me all night to discuss back singles, defense steps, and even sometimes he would discuss boring triangle attack with me. That’s Kobe. His efforts made people respect him, and his initial dislike turned into love.

Poorhouse officially surpassed Roos, the God of baseball, in the MLB

The MLB Los Angeles Angels’ strike Albert poorhouse scored his career’s 1993 point in yesterday’s game, surpassing baseball’s God, Babe Ruth, to rank fifth in MLB history.

Poorhouse shot from terminator Anthony swazac in the ninth inning of yesterday’s game against the mariners, but the angels were still unable to return to the sky, losing 5-6 to the Seattle Mariners.

The moment of the milestone came in the third set of the game, when poorhouse hit second base from Japanese starlet Kikuchi and sent it back to his teammate andredon Simmons. The fans of the angel stadium stood up to applaud Pooh, who waved his helmet to greet the audience.

In an interview after the game, poorhouse said: it’s a special feeling to surpass the baseball God record, and Babe Ruth is one of the strongest hitters ever. If the angel can win the game, it will make everything perfect, but it’s very unlucky that we lost the game.

The beauty in Japanese artist’s oil painting is more lifelike than high-definition photo

The beauty in Japanese artist’s oil painting is more lifelike than the high-definition photo! Ryo shiotani, a Japanese realist painter, graduated from the oil painting department of Musashino University of fine arts. Now he is a famous realist painter in Japan. His works are collected by many art galleries and galleries

Japanese painter Yasuhisa graduated from Musashino Art University. Ryo shiotani then won a cultural affairs scholarship and studied in Florence for a year, where he had the opportunity to copy Leonardo da Vinci’s work. Yanguliang takes the classical skills of Western painting as the basis of his painting, and makes them look more real when depicting female figures or still life. “I draw realistic paintings, because I can make new discoveries when I study my theme deeply.

The early neoclassicism, which was advocated by Ingres, paid great attention to the local details of the object of the picture and challenged the photography with very real effect at that time. Now in China, cold Jun, the leader of contemporary surrealist oil painting, also uses a brush to show the details that can’t be captured by the camera, because the position details of the dark part and highlight in the photos taken by the camera are almost difficult to show due to the limitations of the equipment, and the painting can be seen very clearly by the naked eye, and then described by the brush.

Losing character! Alphabet brother is too much, leading 30 points and still swiping points. 6 of Ross 15 was defeated and bullied

February 21, the Bucks against the pistons, the pistons now trade, injured, rose led by letter brother bully. Their team only got 41 points in the first half, 29 points behind in the first half, 106-126 in the end. Rose’s game was mediocre. He only got 12 points and 4 assists. He made 6 of 15 shots. Facing the first place in the league, the remaining pistons had no power to fight back. Alphabet brother began to abuse vegetables, and got 33 points, 16 boards and 4 assists.

Drummond and Reggie on the piston side have left the team, while Griffin has been reimbursed for the season. Rose, with an annual salary of only 7.31 million, has shouldered the team and become the leading star of the piston. However, the position is not easy to sit in, and the star in charge is too miserable. In the first quarter of the game, they were pressed by the Bucks friction, the start was played 23-9 points. It’s too hard for the pistons to score. Ross has a hard time breaking through the basket, but he’s not on the outside either.

Rose got only 2 points and 1 assists in the first three shots. They were 14 points behind in the first quarter. While the Bucks continued to work in the second quarter, expanding the difference, Rose’s outside line is still not open, can only rely on a breakthrough score. However, the Bucks’ defense is not bad. It’s too difficult for Ross to play like this. In this section, there are still only 4 points in 6-for-2 shots, and the Bucks gradually expand the difference of more than 20 points. The strength gap between the two teams is too wide. Ross can only lead the team hard. In the third quarter, the distance is finally there. The Bucks did not further expand the difference, but the pistons recovered 2 points.

Civil commotion broke out! 42 points small Treasury application for transaction

Hilde will apply to Dalglish for a deal this summer. The mid-season deadline has passed. Hilde has set his departure date for this summer. Either coach Walton leaves, or he will leave the team. He doesn’t want to play as a substitute anymore. He is not satisfied with his role.

In addition, Kenny’s boss, Lana Dave, has been fed up with. He previously sent a message to all the senior managers of the whole team, including general manager Divac and head coach Walton. The message was that he was very dissatisfied and angry with the whole team. He has gradually lost patience with the team, and if Dalglish still doesn’t find the game he should have, he will clean up the team!

The core players are dissatisfied with the manager’s preparation for a direct application for a deal, and the boss has begun to send mass messages criticizing the senior management. Internal strife is inevitable. This season, buddy Hilde maintained his data performance of 20.4 points, 5.1 rebounds and 3.1 assists per game. He had just scored 31 + 6 + 5 in a single game against the Spurs, and made 10-9 three-point shots in the whole field, with amazing efficiency. During his time as a substitute, the team’s record was 6-3, but he was not satisfied with his role and positioning. Although as a substitute, he scored 42 points in 14 of 24 shots in a single game, he still wanted to start.

Lightning quarterback Philippe rivers will be a free agent

Philip rivers’ lightning journey is coming to an end.

On Monday, lightning officials announced that the team has reached an agreement with rivers, who will become a free agent and will not stay for next season.

General manager Tom telesco said: “at the end of last season, after finishing, we contacted Philip and his representatives again, talked about the future goals, evaluated the current situation of the big list, and tried to find a path agreed by both sides. Finally we decided that the best thing for Philip and lightning was to let go of the past. It was a great journey. “

“We agree to make a decision before the opening of the free market, which is good for the success of both sides in 2020.”

Rivers’s five-year contract of $83.25 million has ended. His passing completion rate last season was 66%. He pushed forward 4615 yards, reached the formation 23 times, and was intercepted 20 times, showing signs of decline. Last year lightning won a total of five games, losing nine games are only one time from the victory.

After arriving at blitz as the No. 4 show in 2004, rivers led the Blitz pass to advance 51923 yards, reached 395 times, was intercepted 197 times, entered the playoffs six times, and even dragged the torn anterior cruciate ligament of the knee to the 2008 American Federation final.

Rivers will still be popular in the free market, at least for Tampa Bay pirates.

There are also veteran tyrod Taylor and 2019 five round show Easton stick in the lightning squad, who can sign a young player on the 6th.

Do you know China consumer goods exhibition in Belarus?

Belarus China consumer goods exhibition is an international exhibition specially held for consumer products. Through this exhibition, the traditional concept of “low price” and “poor quality” of consumer products in Belarus market will be completely changed. The exhibition will select high-quality enterprises and products in its industry and launch the brand image of Chinese consumer goods.

Scope of exhibits

Household cleaning and household tools: bathroom appliances, cleaning supplies and utensils, storage supplies, household hardware tools, shopping baskets and packaging, household plastics, ceramics, glass, metal products, etc

Household products, household accessories: household decorations, household textiles, travel products, luggage, lamps and lanterns, wall decorations, wall clocks and desk clocks, small furniture, small ornaments, etc

Kitchenware, tableware: cooking and baking utensils, cookware, cooking electrical equipment, cutting tools and accessories, baking tray, glassware, porcelain, pottery, kitchen furniture, bar and drinking utensils, tablecloth, table accessories, tools and accessories, etc

Household appliances, family health care: all kinds of small household appliances, vacuum cleaners, energy saving, heaters, humidifiers, water filtration, massage, health care, personal care appliances, etc

Los Angeles RAM will meet with runner Todd golly to discuss the future

Todd Gurley, the Los Angeles ram runner, became the focus of attention for the second consecutive off-season.

Gerley made 223 runs and 857 yards last season, all of which are career lows, and his performance in passing and attacking is not as good as ever. Such a performance did not dispel doubts about gerley’s left knee injury.

GOLLY’s contract is only two years old, and now ram needs to consider how to deal with the contract, which includes $45 million in guaranteed income.

NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport reported Thursday that ram management plans to meet with golly before the next revenue protection clause takes effect.

“As far as I know, what ram wants to do – especially what manager Sean McVay wants to do – is to talk to golly before making any decision,” Rapoport said. “So this is what might happen before they decide what to do with golly, who was once the best running guard in the league.”

“Obviously it will not be a simple decision. It’s only theoretically feasible to cut him to save money, but from the perspective of salary cap, it’s very difficult. There will be more than 10 million dollars of redundant salary space to cut him. If they do so before June 1, they will have a huge loss. He is more likely to be traded. Obviously, it will still have some impact on the salary cap, but it can reduce some problems in the salary field. No matter what they decide about Todd golly, they may do so by mid March, when golly will receive a retention bonus of more than $7 million. It’s going to be a very expensive decision, but given his experience, the pain in his knee and the attention paid to him, of course you can see why at least all the options are possible. “

NFL TV network reporter Tom pelissero reported that if the ram cuts golly now, he will occupy the redundant salary space of $2015 million.

Maybe RAM can find a deal with a lot of salary space. But as perithero says, any deal may need to be completed before the retention bonus takes effect in mid March.

Why craft beer Italy?

Craft Beer Italy is the only local exhibition focusing on the production and marketing of craft beer. As a derivative exhibition of Brau beviale, Nuremberg beer show in Germany, the exhibition embodies the Italian craftsmanship and professionalism.

The world famous dumens Institute of beer, VLB Berlin Association and Italian local brewed beer association jointly participated in the support and organization of the exhibition and the forum / conference at the same time, which greatly improved the industry influence and appeal of the exhibition.

Scope of exhibits

Raw material

Malt, hops, yeast and additives, etc

Packaging and packaging materials

Beer filling equipment, barrel and its filling system, beer special packaging container and brewing system, beer packaging system and packaging articles

Control and handling

Sewage and water treatment system, laboratory equipment and supply, safety equipment, cleaning system, automatic control system, material measurement and control equipment, inspection and testing equipment, auxiliary materials, detergent, purification equipment, carbon dioxide equipment, lubricant, etc

Marketing and catering equipment

Bar equipment, drinking utensils, cleaning equipment, refrigeration equipment, catering furniture, dose dispenser, vending machine, advertising related, etc