It seems that there are not many of these historical gods who have scored 20 points every season

It’s 30 teams. But if you want to, you can come in groups to buy. Is it right? The price is one dollar. Of course, it’s not. Of course, one dollar can’t open. You must comply with the league’s regulations. You should take the minimum amount, right. 2.6 million, 2.6 million, 2.8 million, 2.8 million, in any case, every team can sign, right?

It’s a sensation, an effect, a unique history, competing for only one purpose, or requiring a profession to fight first, right? You have unlimited right to fire, let me brush the data at will. This, the season, you don’t have to consider, the fighter’s record is not important, let me brush, the data may be in the strong team, you may not be able to brush out the data, if you really brush, it is very tired, average game, 25 points ah, even long sentences, 20 points may reach 38, 9 years old, are very hard, ah, James.

Career, average score per game, are above 20 points. I believe it is possible that the only person after Michael Jordan has to hook up for 15 years and work for 20 years. From my impression, it seems that there are not many of these historical gods who have scored 20 points every season.

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Although the Spurs are making up

This is what was hit. In fact, the missile team led by Gordon harden and Westbrook, right? It was decided, yes, it was also the same set. He also had three small guards. What’s more, because of their passion, they can’t write out the overall quality of these guards.

In addition, the three rear guards have the ability to attack, organize and attack. Where has the organization ability, the guard is really very important, it is the attack starting point Carroll so, said the attack launch ability is also the league’s top, he said so, plus you see, the Spurs are actually the same.

Although the Spurs are making up, the front line is right, his target is in the abdomen or the front line, but his guard. The configuration is also full of talents.

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What kind of results will it achieve

Netizens asked us that the Warriors team is playing at this level now, but next year, what kind of results will it achieve? Or whether it can play the finals next year and whether it can compete for the Western championship, I have to say that it is still too early to say, because the warriors now have. What’s more, Russell, these two players, are actually variables.

They are the variables of the warriors. I think, personally, the main purpose of the warriors in Russell is to pick up a bargain, pick up a bag, wait, trade, have a good card in hand, that’s all. Russell’s business should not be treated for a long time, er, green or green Thompson or curry’s legitimate forces, to trade green, first of all, curry has to nod his head to be able to trade successfully. I think that Curie’s is superstitious and isolated, because in this team, in this environment.

Thomson needs to feed the ball. Curry, if it’s specially designed for it, Thompson’s first attack ability will be reduced, so it needs to have a second point to control the ball. The point of controlling the ball is on green. Green, the addition effect on Thompson and curry is great. I believe Curie.

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The Spurs’ ball this season is not very much seen

After more than a dozen rebounds, the Spurs’ ball this season is not very much seen, nor do you know much about it. But you can send in the big center of the camp of hurus, relying on LES, that garbage center still refuses to let it, and Erdrich plays two pairs of centers in the camp, which itself plays the No. 4 position, and it can’t be said that he plays five.

Otherwise, you don’t have to play, right? Now there’s no Pau, Pau, Gasol, nothing. In the lineup, we don’t have to go to the top. At least from the strategic point of view, you should be clear that you should suppress the opponent and score before you can win.

The Grizzlies are a team that doesn’t defend and attack, you just follow. She likes to play against you.

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There are very few teams that win the championship

The guard, core and level of the team we discussed must be. Some of the other two are not very clear. This team, ah, I’d like to say, is that if it is observed from a long time, its future record in the West will be better and ideal, but it is extremely difficult to win the championship. Because, do you want to win the championship?

On the one hand, the strength of the team is on the one hand, and personal talent and personal talent are too important. There are very few teams that win the championship. No, the players with extraordinary talent get the players with excellent talent. But if you want to talk about the talent, it will be given by God. God gave it, God gave it to him. What’s more, Jokic is a technical center. He’s a technical type. He’s trained and worked hard. You can’t see his talent from his figure.

Of course, height is a talent. Body weight is zero. If you count, well, if you count, he is a typical representative of the technical center. In the future, it is possible that the NBA will be able to place the first center in the league, but you can see from this year’s season that, obviously, the data of jojic is not as good as that of NBA.

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Many fans of many players don’t know who he is

More than 2 million votes are frightening. Next, subjects can be reduced. You can play all star first. Ah, I have to say that there are more Western stars, but not fewer stars. As we said before, you can see a lot of new faces today. There are some incredible things that you can do. You can feel that Kam can play All-Star starting.

Last season, you don’t know who he is. Many fans of many players don’t know who he is. This player is also an experience legend, ah legend, not to mention an inspirational expression. It’s very good and excellent. Ah, it doesn’t fail us. I’m looking forward to last season. When the Raptors started to play, they put Arnold on the bench to teach us how to play.

Coach, or very good insight to recognize the hero ah, well, very good, the Western ah, basically the eastern part of the basic ah, the back of those players, we are not very concerned about, I don’t say much, a lot of mainly concentrated on the Western players, before, some tennis friends asked us to say.

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If you have any problems with his impression and habitual thinking

At the beginning of the season, you can say that this kind of attack ability is comparable to missiles and bucks. It may be a little bit worse, but it is already at the advanced level of the league. So, these two teams are abandoning their previous playing methods.

If you have any problems with his impression and habitual thinking, there is no problem for the time being. If I say that it is only the regular season time, then it is OK to show your attack ability. After all, some opponents do not want to fight with you. No, it’s necessary, right? Some teams want to lose, they don’t want to win. They just want to play a good and wonderful game and please the audience.

They just play some contracts, play some high scores, high data. In order to win the contract, right? For some players, the attack should be brilliant and the defense is too tired. The Jazz team, now may also think of this matter, ah, I can provide the case, I do not need to spend a lot of energy to defend, I am now Clarkson came after the Jazz team, ah, now won a lot of games on the field, in addition, only with, skin against the attack is not what has a great future team Tiu like to play against you.

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Hardon and weishao are still in their early 30s

Now, Hardon and weishao are still in their early 30s, and their timing combat effectiveness is also good. They can play for a few years. So, can you rush out of these teams in the west to become nuggets and jazz. Jazz is a young man, but I’m sorry to interrupt.

Ah, that is to say, the main point of warriors is how warriors understand this issue. If there are no high-quality players or suitable players on the market, they can match curry Thomson and green if they can’t. He is the number one player in the hand. He is the number one player in the list. If he stays in the hands, curry and Thomson may be a little pathetic. I think it may be a little pathetic.

This requires the team, how to coax Kuri and Tang Seng to make curry Thomson unable to win the championship. After retiring, we can make this signature a certain option. I think it’s also ideal and reasonable to choose a top pick in the draft to make a second impact on the team. So, it’s a foregone conclusion that the warriors have done a bad job this year. What will be done, supplement, and trade this summer.

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Whether he is left and right hand bow left and right will play

This player, in the end is the right hand will or the left hand, will make do with strange, shooting long-range, when he is left-handed gun, left hand shot, but dribble across the front court, he is the right hand will hold the ball, whether he is left and right hand bow left and right will play, if so, it is a bit cruel. It’s really a little tough.

The height of the inside line is not enough. The physique is enough. The breakthrough is that when you meet the barrier, you are also attacked. You have to catch it in time. After that, you have to make a second attack like this. Three points, four points, two points and two points. The total is 17 points. 

This game, is a first suppress then Yang, for, she is a first suppress then Yang game, also need to observe, then after watching this game, we will pay attention to his second ball, the third ball, I’ll watch five games in a row, then make a comprehensive evaluation of this player

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Phil Jackson said that Kobe was an incorrigible gangster. O’Neill also said that Kobe was a liar. At that time, I personally hated him very much. At that time, Kobe was full of negative news. If you take Kobe as your idol, of course. Iverson, McGrady, ah, and so on, Carter has become famous.

A considerable number of fans of the stars attack Kobe collectively, and even Kobe himself admits that it was the lowest ebb in his life. 0304, after the disintegration of the finals, Corby was forced to the palace. I’m sorry to interrupt. After the 0304 season, the Lakers disintegrated. Kobe forced the management to trade O’Neal and force O’Neal to the heat.

Of course, at that time, the Lakers also did. Loss, not loss on both sides, are, the beneficiary of the Lakers, won after the champion Odom, the heat also in the second year and wade O’Neill, Wei Nian won the championship, but in fact for both teams is a more perfect deal, but we have to say, but O’Neill is very good.

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