They also have their own strength and purpose

Ah, how about the competition of such a Warriors team in the west? I think it’s still very powerful. Well, first of all, these three players are not very old, right? They are more than 30 years old, and they have rich experience. They also have their own strength and purpose. Angry, uncle’s achievements in the past are not illustrious, right? Now green has reduced his value, ah, 32 million, no, 25 million. Right? The 7 million is actually a bonus. I think it’s a bonus.

But if the warriors look down on isolation, it should be given. Evil has bad driving, right? Er, a lot of time is to consider these problems from a commercial perspective, so saving the 7 million to strengthen the warriors will still have a huge effect on the later operation of the warriors. Plus Russell’s contract, some netizens now say what the Russell contract is. Ah, how will the warriors consider?

Then I personally think that if there is no absolutely good deal, Russell will leave the warriors to join a certain team. I think it is unrealistic, unscientific and unnecessary, because everyone in this market.

It’s impossible to win the championship in the finals

Development, space, I don’t think the Bucks will make a new breakthrough in the next year. Well, the league is No.1 this year. Well, this year, the past season has played a very good performance. Then I don’t believe that the Bucks can reach the top next season. If we can’t get to the top, the East can win the eastern championship.

Ah, it’s impossible to win the championship in the finals. Let’s make this judgment now. We’re afraid that the Bucks will turn over. Let’s focus on the Rockets. The signing of this contract is very important. We can see that there are also media reports that Gordon should be flattered. In terms of contract, come and go to make some exchanges, which can strengthen the team’s third point.

To be honest, in the current environment of the NBA, every team except the 76ers team can basically be double. With the double tie up teams, such as the rockets and the Rockets, there is harden who has the potential to be able to add the third eye-catching Gordon. In fact, in terms of overall strength, it is better than some other teams, so we have to say that Leonard and Paul George this year.

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The whole team has become a new face

Quan, star, I feel that the Lakers are the first in the west when they are playing so well. They still occupy the first place in the west before the trade deadline of February 1. Do you think it’s necessary to take drastic actions against the team? It’s not at all, it’s necessary. If we want to do it, we say if we want to make pants, pack cook and pack bald ladles. What, the stand-alone is Augustine? What’s the mess?

There’s a name but no name. You’re going to exchange someone who can fill their vacancy, right? Who can match them? Salary right? You have to pay bill 20 million and 30 million. Are these players worth it, but you have to match it with Denny greenmackey.

Ah, even Rondo and other things have to be tied up. In other words, the whole team has become a new face. It will take another two months to reach the first place in the playoffs. Can we achieve the name of the Western regular season 12? It’s unrealistic. Last year, 76 years suffered this loss, in fact, July 7

. People are very powerful. It’s just a little bit short of time to get to the finals. We all said that in last year’s program, it was said that the 76ers would be short of time if they didn’t want anything. It would be a month and a half earlier to win, Harris and Butler, seven people in total.

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These champions are not necessarily immediate champions

You said that James got a score in his career. Wang was right. He just wanted to fight for a scoring king. That means I can do it. Other players don’t need it. So many players are like this. Why do you want to be a real scoring king? Scoring king doesn’t have a trophy, isn’t it.

The second point is to discuss whether the is heavy or unimportant. It doesn’t matter whether it is accidental or not, because some netizens often discuss this issue of contingency. I said, ah, this problem, you have to look separately. It is indeed accidental for him, but it is because he has it. Contingency is very precious. You said, MVP has no contingency, does it also have contingency, the championship has contingency, does it have contingency, right?

All of them run to the annual injury problems. These champions are not necessarily immediate champions. Are there any problems if there is no Durant’s injury. Is it a problem that the dragon team won the championship? Ah, so contingency should be viewed separately and dialectically. Then contingency also represents the precious treasure of the champion fmvp. The Olympic Games are held every four years and the world cup is held every four years. Many athletes and many national teams take them away.

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You every game at noon to see if there is a 50% shooting rate

The 76ers and the Jazz mean, this jazz team, this team, as we said before, is to verify your championship. If you beat the Jazz easily, you can play the finals and win the cup, right? Well, I believe I didn’t before the game. How many players, ah, not many fans will realize that it will be very difficult for seven people to play against the Jazz team, right? You see, it’s very difficult to play against the Jazz team today. I told us that Peter’s character is that he meets a tough guy. He’s not very easy. He’s very hard. Today, you, look, Da Bradley is playing a small role.

See this gebel ah slightly inferior, today’s shooting rate is very low, take a look at 27 points, right, but his actual shooting rate is only more than 30%, it’s good, he has the kill, it’s good to have the kill, otherwise it will fall to the second rate center, ah, fortunately, the NBA’s lethality, of course, this is the first-class heart.

Standard, you have to have, you every game at noon to see if there is a 50% shooting rate, then only 10 points, right? 20 to pick up a 20 points without killing is meaningless ah, those centers we think so, good today, kill right, played 27 points, 19 rebounds, but look at the results of my friends. Wipe, right? 15 points, 15 versions, right? It’s also a smooth play, and there’s no big mistake. The fault is to win the three outside players for the smooth competition. I’ll say joygels, er, Jeffery green and Bogdanovich. Although the three new comers say that their ability is not as close as Paul George, Liang plays as well, because their wages are low, right? In the era when the front line is scarce, these people are enough. These people play fish belly, they play these and the champion team.

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The two teams have more than one superstar

It’s two pillars. Ruhr is extremely on the pillars. The crossbeam we’ve all said in the program in front of us. Now the team is strong, but every strong team is a strong team. You don’t have justice in the interior line. You play big center in No.5 position. You don’t get good results, right? For netizens, ask so.

The two teams have more than one superstar. If they have two superstars, they can play at will. If you have three or three superstars. Three giants, you can not follow the tactical board, coach can not decorate the puppet coach can directly use, I said, because you have three superstars, the ability to determine your record, understand this, the reason, so only XX Lakers and fast food can not play, right, he can not have this obligation. It doesn’t matter.

To the Lakers, in a typical sense, ah, some netizens asked the Lakers that they were not crowded enough. I said that the inside lines of the Lakers, in a typical sense, those not exceeding or exceeding two meters should not be called traditional camp insiders, right? Maybe we need to do some weight restrictions.

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The second is that the team now has a very large number of free throws per game

Then, in all the lists, ah, the important data of this team are not necessarily in the top five, and some of them are beyond the top ten, with only a few indicators. Because last year, ah, last year, in terms of prospects, he has been shooting a lot of three-point shots, many heads, which is not very strange.

In fact, it is not very strange, but the three-point shooting rate is really very poor, can we say? Well, so he won those games of his opponents. The second is that the team now has a very large number of free throws per game. Most of these free throws are provided by harden, which is an important part of his second win.

This indicator, let’s take a look at it. Today, Hadden threw a few free throws, made a few free throws, and served a few. Before today’s game, I went to observe and observed that there were 14.8 free throws per singing average. This is the data of a super center and super interior line. Now, Hadden can be said to be the set.

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The other reason why Celtic didn’t do the second step

Right? In addition, the Nuggets team is in good condition now. He has three small guards, three guards, and jojic is using them well to benefit. Zhng is a very good team. Let’s talk about it later. Because the Nuggets don’t watch much games now, it seems that they have watched a half court now. If you have a chance to look at these games and study them again, it is unlikely that C will go to the Spurs’ Morey and Derozan. That is to say, there are some teams in the East that can take over one, the bucks and the other the heat.

There is also a possibility that Celtic are more interested in these three teams, because those bad teams don’t have too much enthusiasm for these actors. They don’t really have much enthusiasm. Their main task is to win Murray and Derozan. Ah, it’s just for these purposes to get the champion of this year’s circle or the number one next year, right? So only if these teams want to impact the playoffs and carry the 76ers, then they can do this work. Seven people have already signed their contracts this year.

The other reason why Celtic didn’t do the second step was that the heat didn’t take the second step. I have to go and trade some. Because all of them are there, there is not much transaction value. His age is also old, and his contract is there. Captain, right? This Hayward contract is rotten, or it’s a bad contract. A bad contract for a bad contract has a certain transaction value, so the Spurs can be at ease. So to sum up, I think the heat’s possibility of trading is 70%. If the Spurs are willing to provide, the Celtics are likely to trade in 30%. The heat have a variety of ways to complete the transaction. Then the Celtics have only one way to go, Hayward, and Jerome brown.

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There are many ways that you can’t think of as long as you can think of

Well, the salary doesn’t match x900 yuan. I don’t know. Do you know all the calculations? Do you know the two wages plus one? Don’t you know? If you say you can’t trade, I’ll tell you that in NBA, as long as you don’t have a wage cap, it’s a principle wage. If you don’t have a cap, there’s no other way to hate it.

There are many ways that you can’t think of as long as you can think of. There are too many ways that you can’t think of. I said that before trading Anthony Davis, I told the Laker fans, “Oh, this one doesn’t seem to work, that doesn’t seem to work. The big three group can’t work. How about this thing? That thing, right? I’ll tell you. As long as you want to do business, there is room for trading.

This is you. As long as you have this intention, the general manager does this thing. He gets millions of dollars a year. Is he not good at calculating this matter? Then he won’t sit in this position. I’ll do it for millions of dollars. Ah, I can also calculate, ah, there are 9 million, the salary does not match, the labor agreement is one, oh, this is a very complex thing for the NBA, we have not seen you have seen Lao Tzu’s agreement in English, right.

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Many James fans are a little bit dissatisfied with it

Personal opinion. Ah, actually, I didn’t think I would. Half of the things were all together. But I thought I could think about it. How can I not give it? It is quite suitable. Many James fans are a little bit dissatisfied with it. Actually, I think it is. Today, my brother said this statement expresses a very correct point. He said that if you are not tired of playing 9 regular games MVP, it is a bit exaggerated.

But if you are not tired of playing MVP in 9 regular games, James will position you. You give it to you. She is supposed to play this every year. The data field is average. 28 plus 8 plus 8. You should type this data every year. You can’t reach the data. You just don’t get the data. You just don’t perform well. So it gives you a sense of being good when everything is done.

Even if you don’t expect him so much before, but we have such luxurious data. Now it is a good performance to play the top four in the West. Well, after the express boat, we have climbed to the second place. So the Mavericks should not have to run this year, right, there were netizens before.

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