The contest of the best in the East

It’s an important game. It’s a very important game. The Bucks versus the Celtics. I’ll tell you, ah, it’s really a pity that there’s no observation object if Jerome Brown doesn’t go up. It’s really no observation object. This is the game. Well, it feels like, er, you play this ball, ah, no matter which side wins, of course, if the Bucks win, they will go all the way. This eastern champion, ah, can’t run. The first in the East can’t run. The champion doesn’t win. In other words, well, the first in the East definitely doesn’t run now.

The game schedule, more than half, played more than 40 games. The bucks are already ahead of the second place. The Celtics and the heat win. If we want to take the lead, I can say that six or seven games is a huge lead. The first in the East, the first in this year, as long as there is no accident. Should be, is, Bucks what accident, ah, or a certain team, there is a major championship team, ah, the eastern strong team has a major change in the core, then, it is possible, or there are strong reinforcements, then the western side is almost the same. The Lakers are also five games ahead. If you don’t let them go, then the first Western champion in the west, and the lowest in the west, that’s ignored. Basically, you don’t run. almost

a long time has not played the missile team

Today’s, a few games, a long time has not played the missile team and the Laker team as well as thunder, team ah, to talk about my personal status and views on these teams, we have not for a long time, received, ah, today is a game, no matter what the ball is, the guided missile to win the game, successfully defeated the Mavericks, then in my previous, several games, I We have said, ah, Hadden is now in a very difficult to understand, because. Up to now, the information is almost zero. We can only look at some data, or we can only look at some fragmentary game fragments to analyze the latest current lens of the missile. But you can see that Hadden is in a poor state at present. A lot of data have been dropped in these five games.

Or is the shooting rate adjusted to very fast? Very fast? Before, from 5.2 to 4.8, how to sing? The average is more than 38 points. Now it is very important to adjust it to 37 points. If you want to get MVP this year, you will have these two data, even if you are standing. No matter how good it is, you can’t catch up with the bear troops in the East. It’s probably Kunbo this year. Deng won the MVP. It seems that until now, there is no such situation. In the west, only harden can really win the NBA P. after this super data, it is impossible for other people to catch up with the bear troops in the East. p. About 80% to 90% of the total, there is no need to run. Now we have played nearly 50 games, including nearly 50 games, and there are more than 30 games left behind. We can basically determine whether there is an accident. Before February 7, there were big and small ones, and some teams could play. As for the performance of adult kidney, the judges’ or the audience’s turning the media incident around again. Well, there is a little hope that harden has played several games in this game. Ah, the data dropped very quickly, and we couldn’t get information.

In this sense, according to the normal understanding, it is impossible to happen. As an excellent player, as an MVP level player, the unstable play of these two balls is quite unexpected. Then five consecutive games of the ball are relatively poor, ah, today is playing very well, because this team is now. Ha ha, wait, two players, the Laker team, you and I, you and I, two players are long play, 20 times, a lot of shots

Bradley decided not to play in the rematch!

On June 24, American media reported that Los Angeles Lakers guard avery Bradley had decided not to play in the NBA rematch.

It is reported that Bradley’s decision to withdraw from the semi-finals is an important reason related to his family. Bradley has three children, including his six-year-old son, who has been suffering from respiratory disease, and is hard to be admitted to the NBA playoffs.

The Lakers should be prepared for Bradley’s decision. Not long ago, basketball star Kerry Owen organized a conference call with nearly 100 players to discuss the possibility of opposing the NBA rematch. It is reported that Bradley was the main speaker in the conference call.

Bradley and Dwight Howard both attended the meeting. Later, it was reported that the Lakers believed Howard would play in the rematch, but their attitude towards Bradley was not clear.

The Lakers are the favourites to win this season, and with Bradley out of the rematch, the Lakers will lose their best outside defender.

Gao Fu, the quarterback of the ram: the advantage of stable attacking team

The COVID-19 has disrupted the NFL’s off-season, but some teams think it will be less challenging for them than for others.

That’s what Jared Goff, the Los Angeles Rams quarterback, thinks. Even if ram welcomes new attack coordinator Kevin O’Connell this year, Goff doesn’t have to learn the whole new attack system online, because RAM will still use the attack tactics used in the past two seasons. Such continuity should at least help the ram.

“Things are changing very quickly and are changing every week at the moment,” Goff said in an interview. “It’s a good thing that the whole league uses similar off-season arrangements, so there won’t be any teams at a disadvantage.”

“I do feel that using the same attacking system and having the same players in the attacking team gives us an advantage. It’s obvious that our defense team has to step on the training ground to learn the new system. “

“But when the new season comes, there will be other teams trying to adopt the new system at both ends of attack and defense, which is almost impossible. So it’s going to be an advantage for us. “

Of course, the ram offensive team has not changed at all. During the off-season, running guard Todd Gurley and outsider brandin cooks left. Although other key players still stay in the team, the team needs to adapt to the new running guards, and this process usually depends on on on-site training.

Familiarity with the system certainly means that rams may be one or two steps ahead of other teams learning the new system. With everything changing rapidly, Goff doesn’t have to worry about learning new tactics. When the team starts training camp, the ram can quickly get into shape.

Eagles will let rookies take over Reggie to learn from veteran Jackson

This year, the Hawks signed a first round pick to take over Jalen reagor, and his mentor is already in the squad.

Veteran desean Jackson is the right coach for reggae, but that’s what Eagle coach Doug Pederson thinks.

“He (Reggie) will come to the training camp, focus on one position, learn from desean Jackson and learn as much as he can,” Pederson said. Of course, the tactics book is also very important, but we need to see how much potential he can show and how much growth he can make in the off-season training camp. Then we can get him to take multiple positions. There is also a point, our outside take over has the ability to change position, the outside can change to the inside play, and vice versa. We will let him focus on one position first and then develop slowly. “

Who is the most legendary coach in NBA in your mind

Allen Lew was chosen by Denver Nuggets in the first round of NBA draft on June 24, 1998, and then traded with Tony Barty to Los Angeles Lakers. He became famous in the 2001 finals for his close defense of Iverson.

Lu spent three years in the rookie era in the Lakers, winning two championships with the team in 00 and 01.

In the 2001-02 season, Terren Lew played for the Washington Wizards, playing with Michael Jordan in 71 games, with 7.8 points, 3.5 assists and 1.7 rebounds.

Jordan vs. Kobe Bryant’s last regular season match, two generations of picturesque scenes, Lu can be zero distance witness.

In 2003-04 season, Terry Lou played for Orlando Magic and became Tracy McGrady’s backcourt partner. He played 76 games, including 69 starts (the highest in his career), with 10.5 points, 4.2 assists and 2.4 rebounds.

What are the differences between hot stamping and heat transfer printing?

First of all, hot stamping is a noun. Because scalding, in fact, is scalding picture. In the printing industry, it can be interpreted as a kind of auxiliary material or printing material. Of course, it can also be understood as technology. Ironing, that is, ironing pictures. There are many processing methods. For example, it can be roughly divided into three types: 1. Release film hot stamping, as we often say, is made of release film. The pattern is printed on the release film by image printing, and then transferred to the fabric by hot pressing. Offset hot stamping is more complex, using CMYK, also known as four-color printing. If it is monochrome, that is, solid color printing, relatively simple, are done through the release film.

2 digital printing and hot stamping, using weak solvent ink to print on PU film TPU and other elastic films, and then cut them off. High temperature transfer

  1. Engraving film. Directly cut out the desired pattern on the formed film mirror image, and transfer at high temperature. All of the above are bronzes. Pay attention to the process. It’s about making patterns first. Then through high temperature pressing, transfer to the fabric. This transfer printing process needs high temperature, so it’s called heat transfer printing. Of course, sublimation printing aims at polyester, chemical fiber and other fabrics.

Three kinds of oil painting techniques to learn oil painting

Transparent drawing

Before the 19th century, transparent painting was basically the basic technique of European oil painting. There are many steps in this technique. First, we need to make a sketch relationship or texture effect that is in line with our own ideal by using the substrate on various colored substrates, and then we need to use transparent pigments to cover and dye it and finally finish it.

Thick painting

This painting is also called “tuhao painting”. Thick paint layer by layer to the top, are piled up with money ah!

Thick painting is more capricious than transparent painting (after all, it is tuhao painting). It can be overlaid with a thicker color when the paint is not dry, or on the painted color. The purpose of thick coating is to highlight the key points and shape the texture. The three-dimensional entity piled up brings thick appearance to the oil painting.

alla prima

Direct painting is the most commonly used technique in oil painting now. It is also called direct coloring, which means that after making the general outline of an object on the canvas, laying the color by means of the feeling of the color of the object or the conception of the color of the picture can be completed at one time. If there is any error or defect after the completion of the painting, you can use the painting knife to scrape it off to continue the color adjustment, which is similar to thick painting , that is, the pigments used in the painting process are relatively thick, the color saturation is also very high, the strokes are clear, and it is easy to resonate with the content of the screen.

Why is the oil painting dim after drying?

First of all, turpentine is suitable for pen washing and palette washing because of its corrosive effect. You can also dilute toner oil and flaxseed oil. But it’s also equally corrosive to color. So turpentine must be the first reason.

Second, our domestic toner oil and linseed oil have more or less impurities, which are easy to turn yellow after painting. There will be conflicts with the color of the screen. As time goes on, and color constantly infiltrate each other will also f “born dim feeling.

So ancient people used Dama resin and Matti resin as media, which can keep the color bright for a long time. But it’s expensive and hard to dry. So now we use alkyd resin one – that is, Likun

It can be used as a medium, used for color matching, quick drying and fresh-keeping, which is loved by many people, including me, and it can also be used as a varnish, which will not change color, and a protective film.

I think it’s about the oil and the paint. More or less everyone will appear the phenomenon of dim picture, but it’s better not to use quick dry oil, it’s not OK to polish later. How much of the oil to control — next, later oil larger – some.

In terms of pigments, common pigments are not as bright as good ones, but generally they are relatively stable in synthesis. However, good pigments have the following characteristics: they can not be mixed randomly, and they will react in a long time

Why does the same engraving film have continuous color engraving?

Why do some of the same engraving films have continuous color engraving? Why do some of the same engraving films have continuous color engraving? To be specific, the same product even has the same parameter setting for carving, some colors are very good for carving, and some colors are carved continuously. Today, the editor will tell you why the lettering film appears in the engraving. The first reason why some colors of the same lettering film are engraved is that the toughness of hot-melt adhesive is different. The second reason is that the thickness of the material is not uniform. Some special effects like fluorescence need to be coated with an extra layer of glue. Another reason is that the base material is loose from the mold. Of course, the problem of oven temperature in the workshop is not ruled out. Why do some colors of the same engraving film continue to talk about so many problems? How to solve them? You can readjust the tool pressing scale for each color. It’s 60 degrees and 45 degrees on the market. Why does the same type of lettering film have continuous color engraving? The second is that the adhesive type lettering film is suggested to be cut by laser or marking machine.