Jordan’s Michael Jordan really plays

We have been saying that you are not tall enough to play in the playoffs. If you don’t have any advantages, you will be targeted. There are so many chances in the team that love songs. In the early morning, why can’t you? Why not drink this.

Why there is such a big gap, the thief, the death of the second reason ah, I’m afraid I won’t go to the Lakers because he must stay, Hornets, why do you say that because Jordan’s Michael Jordan really plays. In other words, he is also a poor manager, and his vision is also very poor. He has been doing this year and year after year. Right, he signed some contracts that he didn’t understand. Er, the contracts of this company in the past few years were more than those in China. I remember that he wrote the words correctly. I remember exactly, ah, what she wrote, in the playoffs, I grabbed a few rebounds, played one or two good shots, and got a deposit of 20 million. I can’t understand. In my room, well, Howard’s contract is also him. How old is Howard signed? How many games do I play every year? This contract. Is it a waste of money? It’s too much, one by one, two, too much, and some other rubbish. He signed all the contracts. So is walker. I think it’s not worth two hundred million or two hundred million at noon. Hum, more than 2.121 is not worth it, because I can get it this year’s 123 battle.

Can you imagine a 20000 yuan contract? I can’t imagine it, right? But Jordan will give it to you. If you don’t have a system and a brand in this team, you don’t have a system, you don’t have a brand. Well, how do you have a basketball heart? It’s good or bad. It’s still a star. Well, maybe it’s also a helpless move, maybe it’s also a helpless move, so the real monster of the real team is relatively small, ah, China is still more like, um, I feel that if you don’t choose a young potential star, you can watch Jordan’s vision, er, this kind of vision. I just think it’s very difficult for you to think about it. Imagine that Huang Hongwei could be able to play in the future, whether it’s wrong or not, right? It doesn’t go into the playoffs, doesn’t it? Every year, it seems that he can play a dozen, as if this one is OK, right. Because the eastern strength itself is not very strong, right? Except for 1234, right, the other 678910 12 numbers up to 15, in fact, the level is the same, the level is all the same, the level is almost the same, no matter, say you tell me about me, I I love you, there was no such saying before, everyone is almost the same situation, almost should also be OK

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the Rockets relative to the Rockets

We said in the program before, ah, give up, then give up the championship, including the 76th raptors, strong are doing, not strong are waiting for the opportunity, but when the warriors fall, then you can, change up, we now the warriors have a fall, the opportunity for other players will come, because relative to the Rockets.

For example, when we talk about the Rockets relative to the Rockets, they are not well prepared. We don’t think that the team can still compete for the championship, right? So it’s really disappointing to only play until now. Let’s go over and talk about some warriors. I think there is no problem with warrior. He is absolutely no problem. So, a tomato is so powerful that it is just because of recalling the injury problem. Some netizens have asked me that this is right. If there is no curry, then Durant will lead him. This is the warrior team can play, what kind of now, and a team can, to achieve what kind of end, ah, because more than one netizen asked me whether my group or outside the group, or QQ group wechat group, yes, there are netizens asking questions, ah, not included, asking me to protect my friends in the group, right. Well, it may be unpleasant for me to understand that, but we should try our best to analyze the nature of the problem with you. I always think that it has always been verified.

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Durant’s five-year contract

Let’s not say whether the warriors system will collapse with the departure of green. Oh, I think, er, reconstruction is necessary. It is not so bad that green will leave the warriors. If the three giants form a separate Warriors team, it is also an inevitable trend. Three conclusions can be drawn from the combination of fashion. First, Thomson, the top five-year salary must be retained forever. Second, Durant’s five-year contract is a four year contract or a five-year top salary contract. For example, if Dingxin signed a contract other than the contract, I personally prefer to have one contract for each family with four. Then green will be traded by the warriors in the middle of the 191-20 season. The out team deal is proposed by green himself, or if Durant and Thomson have made it now. If the contract is confirmed immediately, the isolation free team will also decide to apply to leave the warriors immediately, because the performance of the freestyle will be very poor next season, then Green’s exposure will be reduced, ah, the possibility of 123 games will also be reduced, so that we can get the super contract of players.

The possibility of player’s top salary is gradually becoming smaller and smaller. As a player like green, I’ll tell you, it’s not easy to play at this position and reach this height. It’s very difficult for them to reach the top of their career for about ten years. The next contract, the contract, is the last big contract in his career. I believe no one can’t get along with money. Then, he can cooperate with his ability to achieve what he deserves. I think it’s logical that some netizens, some warriors fans, suppress, Green’s value, suppress the revolution. Say, 30002 million, right? I think it’s a little too much. Although it’s not worth the top, although the salary is not specified, the warriors, for the warriors, are the basis of the system construction, and it is the basis for the construction of the purchase system. It is possible for the warriors to give more points than other teams. That’s normal, but it’s not less than 20 million. It’s generally controlled between 2500 and 2000, and it can be better to reach 30 million. In the case that an ordinary team can have salary space, I think it’s normal for green to choose a four-year contract, covering his entire career, and his peak is growing smoothly.

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Gordon’s price should clear Paul out

It’s good for the team to be a team. There’s no doubt that trading Paul is a right choice. Ah, but the price you have to pay is to match the contract with cabella or Gordon. We have said in previous programs, including today, that the Rockets may take cabella and Gordon. Ah, to change some players to form the big three, but you have to know that it is very difficult to operate. What we said today is that it is much more difficult to sign free players than to get the third giants through trading. So this year, ah, these players, these teams will sign free players. The pattern of the next three years is very important. In one year, we should take a good look at it. I personally prefer to trade Paul. Even if it’s with coffee or with it, Gordon’s price should clear Paul out, which will improve the fire. It’s good for the overall combat ability, and it’s good for the overall combat ability. Then some fans said that they would trade Capella for Paul. This is a common recognition among fans. Everyone wants Rocket fans to trade Paul, but they suffer from the contract.

TEDA has no one to pick up. So I’d like to say that now is the time to test the general manager. You need to find the teams that are willing to accept Paul and reduce the loss of rockets. It depends on your operation ability. Finally, I hope the Rockets can turn the tide and turn corruption into magic.

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Durant Owen flies to Brooklyn hand in hand!

Now there are new news and new news. I personally think that answer. From the netizens’ questions, ah, I personally think that, after Durant was injured, the rumors and rumors mainly focused on Durant and warriors. As for the contract issue, the other rumors? Well, you can listen to them first. Ah, few of them can be trusted. What kind of window to open, right? Let’s talk about the current hot topics in this program. Before answering these questions, er, I’d like to tell you about today’s day, yesterday’s, last year’s, yesterday’s NBA awards forecast, you can listen to it.

I think we are accurate. If you think our program is good, you pay attention to the subscription. If you think it is not possible, you can take it off or take it as a stroke. Oh, I just saw netizens leave messages to us saying that you are talking about high probability events, right? They should be. After I say that, it is Zhuge Liang. If you want to predict and predict, you have to put everything in advance. Now the awards have been moved down. Ah, you can discuss this problem again. What’s the use of analyzing it? Ah, so we should compare the accuracy with the NBA cobblers. To compare the hit rate, let’s focus on the following year, pay attention to us one year, and challenge us next year. Young man, he must have no chance. The concert is over, and the ticket stub is useless. Ah, let’s talk about Durant. What do you think. For Durant’s accurate prediction, you have foresight of Durant’s future development. You can leave us a message. Ah, don’t come back to Zhuge Liang after the event. If Zhuge Liang grabs a lot of things after the event, any one who steps on it will die.

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I’ll wait for you!

Well, we’re going to have bad luck. The nets are going to have a bad day. Owen and Durant are still close. The relationship between players is still good. I said from last year that these two guys are tied together, but Durant may be torn down due to his injury and illness. Their idea, er, from our idea of forming a team and our program 1836, you can listen to it. I personally think I am. I still think Durant is the right choice to say that the warriors are one. Maybe it’s a small probability that you will choose to go to the Brooklyn nets, but there are only two, only two choices, only two possibilities. Finally, we have to say that Durant still has some influence, although we don’t think it is in this market. Talking about that is a figure who wants to influence the League pattern, but Durant still managed to make headlines today. Er, I believe that in half an hour, Durant will make a decision, ah, join the Brooklyn nets, cooperate with Owen and rest for a year 202.

This season to 2021 season, fight for a year, then we later, sit together, ah, this topic

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the Clippers are the third to return to the Raptors

The Clippers also have sincerity, and the Lakers have sincerity, right? They have given their own and dedication, including Mongolian, but now I can have a judgment. Well, I have a big probability to judge that the clippers have lost the fight. Both parties are possible. The possibility is the smallest now, but 10% of course, if you really join the clippers, well, I hope the majority of fans will show their faces enthusiastically. Why, ah, you have a look at the interface order of these teams that have to be selected, first lady. Second, Los Angeles, the Clippers are the third to return to the Raptors. So it’s a normal choice to return to the Raptors, right? Finally, listen to the old owner’s quotation. There is no problem. You should analyze it. We can get the two points. It’s a beautiful girl. Let’s take it for example. There are two beautiful girls in the city. Young man, ah, the family is very rich, a handsome, a mediocre, a more handsome, a more mediocre, if you, this flower girl, if you are this little girl, ah, beautiful young girl, which one do you see first, ah, this question comes, right? So, Leonard chooses the world Lakers first.

In this world, the clippers, um, I remember right, this thing can’t be said in reverse. So, the quantity is the first. He chose the Laker team, which shows that the Laker team is more important than the Clippers in his inner world. In other words, get drunk this year. The court has been wrong. Last year, when Leon and Nader quoted the Spurs, they made it clear that I wanted to go to Los Angeles, but they didn’t specify Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Lakers, and the Clippers. In that case, even if they joined Los Angeles, the clippers were willing to, because they pointed out Los Angeles, which is a big city and big city. The rare attraction is very strong, and he’s Los Angeles. You have to remember, and the amount is so large, Los Angeles, they can be equal, they can be equal

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After Paul George’s return

But it’s very bad, negative public opinion, a lot of attacks. I haven’t seen it. Ah, when the Lakers won the championship for three times in a row, the period was also invincible. Ah, it was attacked by many teams, right? At that time, the Internet media was not very developed economy.

On the portal website, you can see less messages. Unlike now, ah, the media is very developed, and many fans and friends who pay attention to the Internet, many, right, give their own suggestions on this, right? Um, they are also unreservable. What do you think of. It’s very difficult to say what you want to say. Ah, if you don’t play well, it’s the first drop in the West. It’s normal. The first and second in the west is what you should have. If the record reaches the third, fourth or fourth distance, it’s very stable for the Western teams. It’s all between Bozhong. Well, if there’s a slip up, Paul George may not be able to play at the beginning of the season, right? At the beginning of the season, you may give you some time. Then your record is not very good. If it’s like d7d8d6d7, I can accept it. After Paul George’s return, the Clippers will do. If the two teams still stay in the original record or do not greatly improve the situation, the pressure of public opinion will be very huge. The team, you are afraid of nothing, but afraid of losing is nonsense. Once you lose, there will be different voices.

So, players are also human, players, and this kind of questioning psychology from the outside will change, Leonard. I believe it’s a piece of iron, but whether Paul George’s psychological endurance is so strong, I think we need to test the other players of the Clippers. Full of confidence, full of confidence, 100% confidence

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Durant Owen is right? Go wrong!

We know, Owen, joining the basketball and nets team has two main purposes. The first purpose is to form a partner with Durant. The second purpose is to join Durant to fight for the championship. Right? That’s his only two purposes. So if it’s for money, in the case of New York Knicks, it’s his first choice, right. New York Knicks in this environment, must be more attention than in the environment of the nets, and is to absorb more attention and ah money opportunities, but he chose to join the nets, ah, so chose to join Durant. What basketball team has been very obvious now, the team, I can be very responsible to tell you that this team is not going to pay a big luxury tax, in the next few years if you can not see the hope of champion, she will not spend too much money, now for Cai Zongxing to say, I think ah, we. Nonsense. I think in today’s society, there are only two kinds of people in the world who are most able to make money and do business. One is Jew. The other is Chinese or Chinese businessmen. These two types are extremely smart. They are born with a businessman’s mind.

Well, it’s not hard to blame the United States for fighting against China. The trade war is so fierce that it is afraid of the Chinese people’s business mind. Now it is too afraid to do business with us and dare not talk to us. It’s such a bad state. Ah, I think, ah, at this stage, the main idea is how to run the team well and how to make the team earn more money, not how to win the championship

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Corzine injured not to say

Well, in this game, we can also see that although the sample is very small, there are not many games, and there are still many balls, but you can see that the Laker team is facing the inside line. The ability is very, outstanding, Anthony Davis, Corzine injured not to say, coupled with Howard, as well as, McKee, dominated the inside line, is the Lakers inside the guard area, finally exposed to the inside of the team under the basket scoring is not very difficult thing today. Today, I looked at the data and it was close to 10. Anthony Davis, the blocking cap, won four or five by himself. Well, there must be some defensive ability, right? It depends on the game. There are too many. When it comes to the game and attitude, I think we should criticize what happened or Howard.

But Anthony Davis, at the beginning of the criticism, you can see that we have also seen these two balls in these games, right? Basically, we pay for the strong teams, but in some games, all the games, not to mention, ah, er, these key games, focus on the game, we have to talk about it. James and Anthony Davis play with each other, right? Our double star cooperation in the whole league, ah, his pick and roll cooperation is very normal. In the NBA, the league is a very normal, very common, and the discipline check list is effective and practical. So this tactic is often played, but you can see it. This, two games, hit more than ten, as many as ten gears, but, um, the efficiency is not very high, or in other words, there is a problem with Wei’s attitude towards the game. When he and James play with each other, this kind of eye is not very solid, very poor. It’s a rush, this feeling

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