Paul George’s faith!

If I can’t, sometimes I’ll go to Los Angeles to play football. Ah, it’s normal. I think, oh, Paul George, he’s going to fulfill her childhood dream. It’s very big. It can’t be stopped, you know? But in the end, it can stop him from controlling him. What’s this? Family, friendship, love, money. OK, that’s it. Now, he is defeated by money. The thunder team has given enough money to give something that the Lakers can’t give, right? That’s the only way to think about it. Of course, I believe Paul George.

He will regret it, because his age is growing, and what he wants is different. He looks back on his childhood dreams. These beliefs are gone. You, you and you have no chance to play on Weibo. You have no chance to go back to your hometown to play. This is a great regret of human life. You have replaced these with money. You, in the future, there are still opportunities to make more money, but you have no chance to play for Los Angeles. At least in the NBA stage, of course, you can play in three rounds of CBA, you can play, you can. This is my personal idea. Let’s talk more about it.

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I don’t want to trade, I don’t want to trade, because with Anthony Davies, the deal can force Kerry Owen to submit and avoid signing this contract with Juve. In addition, Liu Wen’s contract is opened again. Anthony Davies joins the Celtic team because if the Celtic team has Owen, these teams will. That competitiveness is still very strong, then send Tatum and some, high ranking draft rights in exchange for Anthony Davis other lineups, let alone, unchanged, all unchanged, under the circumstances, this team is very competitive, ah, we have to use Tatum as a Anthony Davis, it is so simple, but I changed an Android.

Well, the team is not promoted by one point or two, but by one level, it will directly enter the super first-class strong team. Therefore, the Celtic team is playing this abacus, so based on the above points, I don’t know if you have heard of it, understand it, and the amount of information is a little big. This is a little difficult to understand. Ah, this one is trying to understand. We can only say that we try to understand. Therefore, Celtic team is impossible to make any deal with Anthony Davis. Even if it is necessary to make a transaction, Owen’s contract is the first to be settled. If Owen’s contract goes bankrupt, then the Celtic team will be united. Right, the contract will go bankrupt, so almost right. Now I’m worried about this matter. It’s very simple. If the Celtics can’t offer excellent chips or attractive chips, they can’t force the Lakers to draw out excellent chips. Ah, the problem is tangled here, so I think the main thing is. This kind of guidance, as well as the main pusher, is still on the side of the Lakers. What kind of chips are the Lakers willing to give now? This is real. Things can be sent out immediately. Ah, so I think that Magic Johnson, the Laker team, should give a good cheer, really should give some sincerity, right

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Let’s just talk about one thing today

It’s also a rare ugly playoff game in history. Ah, it’s extremely ugly to play the pistons in 2005. The machine is ugly. It’s not good at all. So people have two sides. So we’re sure of him. In that case, ah, there are many mergers and acquisitions that take a lot of time. The longer the fight is, the more such things will be. Let’s just talk about one thing today. Ah, er, there’s something out there. The final landing of the offer is not within the scope of the transaction. Let me put it this way. It’s just the body shield on the top of the waves or Lodi’s non-sale products. This is the air. I think it means you don’t go. According to him, everyone is in his current position. It is possible to be traded because of his skin. You need to distinguish what he wants to do now. He just wants to knock down and rebuild. It doesn’t matter whether Lenny’s record is good or not. Maybe he can play well with a hollodi.

That is, to set up a stall tomorrow, to go this year is also thorough, to get this high ranking sign is basically like this, so huoledi will go to whoever gives more money and who gives more chips. We say it is chips. Do, trade who give chips to go to who is willing to let go, you don’t worry

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So it’s the same with Jim Butler

Combat effectiveness, all trade out, the top one is able to play, other, the team ah play the main start is no problem, right? Now doing such a deal is nothing more than to fight for the team this year in exchange for some theft contracts, ah, which team for whom, if for this Harris ah. Butler, ah, I’m not satisfied. I can’t finish the appointment without confidence, right? Basically, I’m willing to trade with you. Anyway, I can’t spare any time when it’s due. Ah, many people think they can take it if they like. Harris has more than 30 million yuan. Do you think you can take it, right? It’s due anyway,

So it’s the same with Jim Butler, the Timberwolves. Ah, I’m not good with him anyway, right? He’s not subject to my control now. He’s going to have five hundred million lions in two years. You think you can take it, right? This man is really brave to fight against you, because Simmons is growing too fast. I know if it will take some time to release his contract if he can’t be released. So now we can do this, plan and build, er, use Harris as the replacement of Jimmy Butler’s contract renewal. Jimmy Butler, you want 40 million, I don’t give 35 million. We’ll discuss and discuss, if not, we’ll take 30 million. Because Butler and Harris signed together to see this year’s record, well, basically that’s it

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How many cans are there in the garbage?

Let’s talk about role players. Ah, because these days, after the transaction, many role players, ah, ah, have been cut off one after another, and may be cut off. Well, actually. I think, ah, I personally think that the players who have been laid off are high-quality assets in the league. It is possible that they will be lost after 8-9 million yuan. You will spend a very small amount of money. I don’t know, er, we will not read the labor terms of the league. We don’t have time to read them. In any case, millions of dollars will be settled. It’s very, very money saving. It’s a high-quality asset. It’s the players that all teams are chasing. Ah, so Anthony, ah, now that Beasley has been trampled down, Matthews has also been cut off, and so on. Ah, let’s talk about these players. We talked about the Lakers before. Is it possible to introduce Anthony.

Smart ah hum, Carmelo Anthony, er, the netizens put forward this question to me, ah, this indirect answer ah, we have said before that the Lakers want these players, and Anthony, especially Cameron Anthony, is useless, because it is impossible to give the factory time. He is one. It’s no use just to bring negative influence to a team, right? Take it, just sell tickets and sell shirts. Ah, if you want to sign this contract, you should do it as soon as possible, because there is not much time for you to come here for a day or two to sell the shirts

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the championship in the Hawks

In this era, who can say that I can lead the team alone can play the whole league, I can win the championship, who can stand up to lead. This is when the Lakers got to the finals. Ah, I kneel down for him. Adam, Xiao Hua, the joke is, you can shake Adam. Xiao Hua won the championship in the Hawks. Believe it or not, a 35 year old veteran in 84 years, 19 years in this year, 35 years old in history. At this level, you can have this kind of ability. In history, how many players can die by breaking your fingers, right? Well, don’t look at him like Durant, curry, harden, Wei Shao, etc. These are all players who need to see new ones. Crazy, I tell you, you must have black James fans. Your friends must be fans of these stars. I should be very sure and responsible. You should not be rampant now. You will be 34 years old and 35 years old at the end of your career.

Jiaozuo people, you will recite letters, songs, Kunming International Expo, and you will be hanged and beaten by these rising stars like enbid. Don’t think you are very rampant now. It’s useless

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Remember that year!

Today’s rookie game and this, er, the world team, and the world team’s challenge to the U.S. team has finished, ah, still more wonderful ah, pants? Got it, MVP, C CN VP. I, have you read it wrong, it should be ah, yes, well, then I just floated a glance and didn’t watch it carefully. Anyway, entertainment shows, um, pants also said that I would rather be here. Today, I just said that I just saw the news, I would rather be in this Laker team. Criticism is not willing to be unknown in Orlando, ah ah, ah, imagination, ah, it is so fast to show loyalty, ah, I don’t know whether it is true or false, then whether it has hurt the Aurors fans, whether the hearts hurt the magic fans, whether the hearts have been up to the tree and died.

Or, did it hurt Russell’s heart. Russell is now in the basketball team. Ah, well, I personally think it’s because you are playing your state now, playing your industry’s quality self-cultivation ability and line-to-line talent, you should make such achievements. It’s not to be complacent now that you’re lucky to be traded by the Lakers. You should be playing with the team, right? Not because you’re abandoned. Ah, whether this kind of abandonment is generated by abandonment, right? In other words, it’s a good thing, right? It’s also stubborn. equally

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Kobe’s record a little bit

A representative is also a typical representative, ah, the letter gokumbo is also the same. He has such a good height, has such a similar body shape as Garnett, has such a long arm spread, has the ability to score, has the rebounding ability, has the organization ability, assists the ability, is not ah, undersea garret can control the ball, he is really very few athletes. Oh, my God, if we can break the scoring king of Jordan’s field average of 37 points and 37 points, then the probability will be higher. After all, it is Jordan’s record that can break Jordan’s record, which is the mine.

It’s rare. Ha ha. So, um, this is a story. Let’s also tell a story. But if Jordan can’t break the record, and just raise Kobe’s record a little bit, Hardon still has a slight disadvantage. Well, in the fourth and fifth position in the west, after all, the Bucks have reached the first place in the league. In addition to the luxury, data is not given, and the letter Ko Kun Bo app, I think, this is er, er, heaven forbid. This feeling is good. OK, let’s come to the next program. Let’s talk about the winning of the Laker team. We must talk about the fire arrow to the Laker team.

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Kobe was going from bad to worse

This is called Er, know the shame and then be brave. So, er, Laker fans, James fans, can have a rest. Thank you. Thank you. Basically, you can give up. This is five games short, whether you are three wins, 3.5 wins, or 4 productions.

Don’t worry about it. You go after five winning games. There’s a game you can count by yourself. We said you can only lose three games. There’s an article about the statistics of Kobe’s playoff season. It’s just that the 47 wins of the Laker team can barely make it into the back end. Er, er, er, Kobe also has a broken Achilles tendon, right? It’s dragging the Lakers to enter the playoffs. It’s very, very difficult, very simple. This has destroyed his body, from the Convention of the season. At the beginning of the game, ah, at the beginning of that season, Kobe was going from bad to worse. Well, basically, it was close to 90 on the edge of retirement, so it’s important to keep healthy. We’re a lesson from the past. Don’t fight too hard for 356 minutes. You can win or you can’t lose. Cultivate your youth. Players are the main players. Then Wharton and Magic Johnson should start to review them. Later, let’s talk about the more important game today. One is the 76ers, the warriors, and the other is the Jazz captain, the bucks.

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Jordan is going to retire

What are we talking about? We are talking about the NBA and the world championship or the world cup. Generally speaking, you should not cover up with points. There is no dispute that football is bigger than basketball and boxing is bigger than basketball. I can give an example to refute all these fans who hold different opinions. We talked about Jordan in 1998.

It’s a gimmick. It’s a story. Jordan is going to retire when he’s finished. People all over the world know that he’s retired. Ah, there’s a story world cup. Every four years, there are so many fans who go to watch the world cup. Do you want to add it to the webcast. We don’t know about the world cup audience rating, but the influence of football in the world is self-evident. It is self-evident. If you have different views on this matter, I personally think you, you may only suggest in the basketball field. I want to talk about the boxing championship. Why should we talk about the boxing championship? Because the boxing championship is generally in China in this era, it is not paid attention to and not received the ratings. It is almost not in our, er, this, now, er, this era is 2010. In the future, have you ever seen the world? Have you ever seen Mayweather? Have you gone to see me afraid of ghosts? No, right? Sometimes it’s on TV? It’s not very few. It may be broadcast once a few years, maybe once a year, right? And still, the span is so long that you have to make an appointment for an appointment station.

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