a long time has not played the missile team

Today’s, a few games, a long time has not played the missile team and the Laker team as well as thunder, team ah, to talk about my personal status and views on these teams, we have not for a long time, received, ah, today is a game, no matter what the ball is, the guided missile to win the game, successfully defeated the Mavericks, then in my previous, several games, I We have said, ah, Hadden is now in a very difficult to understand, because. Up to now, the information is almost zero. We can only look at some data, or we can only look at some fragmentary game fragments to analyze the latest current lens of the missile. But you can see that Hadden is in a poor state at present. A lot of data have been dropped in these five games.

Or is the shooting rate adjusted to very fast? Very fast? Before, from 5.2 to 4.8, how to sing? The average is more than 38 points. Now it is very important to adjust it to 37 points. If you want to get MVP this year, you will have these two data, even if you are standing. No matter how good it is, you can’t catch up with the bear troops in the East. It’s probably Kunbo this year. Deng won the MVP. It seems that until now, there is no such situation. In the west, only harden can really win the NBA P. after this super data, it is impossible for other people to catch up with the bear troops in the East. p. About 80% to 90% of the total, there is no need to run. Now we have played nearly 50 games, including nearly 50 games, and there are more than 30 games left behind. We can basically determine whether there is an accident. Before February 7, there were big and small ones, and some teams could play. As for the performance of adult kidney, the judges’ or the audience’s turning the media incident around again. Well, there is a little hope that harden has played several games in this game. Ah, the data dropped very quickly, and we couldn’t get information.

In this sense, according to the normal understanding, it is impossible to happen. As an excellent player, as an MVP level player, the unstable play of these two balls is quite unexpected. Then five consecutive games of the ball are relatively poor, ah, today is playing very well, because this team is now. Ha ha, wait, two players, the Laker team, you and I, you and I, two players are long play, 20 times, a lot of shots