49 point guard Sherman and former NFL point guard Reeves cross the air

Few would attack the performance of San Francisco’s 49 man point guard Richard Sherman. But there was one after the League of Nations Championship.

Darrelle revis, once NFL’s number one point guard, criticized Sherman’s performance on twitter. “Fear of being defeated in man to man defense,” he wrote. “It’s the same in every gear. As a corner guard, he can’t stand to take over without following his opponent’s number one. As the best corner guard, he was challenged and then marked Adams for the whole game. To do that for the game. Don’t hide in cover 3 He then went on: “all of you think I’m attacking him. I didn’t. Just to state that this man is not a real marksman. If you know he’s good for cover 3 defense. He doesn’t follow his opponent’s number one takeover, but it’s not suitable for every defender. Very few of the corner guards can do that. “

Of course, Sherman won’t sit back. He quickly replied, “I was going to fight back, but I’m going to prepare the super bowl. Have a good time on the sofa. Your ninth year’s career and mine look very different. It’s killing me. ” Then he said, “it should be” acceptance. “. I think I’ll give you a good lesson if I’m here. “