Bradley decided not to play in the rematch!

On June 24, American media reported that Los Angeles Lakers guard avery Bradley had decided not to play in the NBA rematch.

It is reported that Bradley’s decision to withdraw from the semi-finals is an important reason related to his family. Bradley has three children, including his six-year-old son, who has been suffering from respiratory disease, and is hard to be admitted to the NBA playoffs.

The Lakers should be prepared for Bradley’s decision. Not long ago, basketball star Kerry Owen organized a conference call with nearly 100 players to discuss the possibility of opposing the NBA rematch. It is reported that Bradley was the main speaker in the conference call.

Bradley and Dwight Howard both attended the meeting. Later, it was reported that the Lakers believed Howard would play in the rematch, but their attitude towards Bradley was not clear.

The Lakers are the favourites to win this season, and with Bradley out of the rematch, the Lakers will lose their best outside defender.