Civil commotion broke out! 42 points small Treasury application for transaction

Hilde will apply to Dalglish for a deal this summer. The mid-season deadline has passed. Hilde has set his departure date for this summer. Either coach Walton leaves, or he will leave the team. He doesn’t want to play as a substitute anymore. He is not satisfied with his role.

In addition, Kenny’s boss, Lana Dave, has been fed up with. He previously sent a message to all the senior managers of the whole team, including general manager Divac and head coach Walton. The message was that he was very dissatisfied and angry with the whole team. He has gradually lost patience with the team, and if Dalglish still doesn’t find the game he should have, he will clean up the team!

The core players are dissatisfied with the manager’s preparation for a direct application for a deal, and the boss has begun to send mass messages criticizing the senior management. Internal strife is inevitable. This season, buddy Hilde maintained his data performance of 20.4 points, 5.1 rebounds and 3.1 assists per game. He had just scored 31 + 6 + 5 in a single game against the Spurs, and made 10-9 three-point shots in the whole field, with amazing efficiency. During his time as a substitute, the team’s record was 6-3, but he was not satisfied with his role and positioning. Although as a substitute, he scored 42 points in 14 of 24 shots in a single game, he still wanted to start.