Do you know China consumer goods exhibition in Belarus?

Belarus China consumer goods exhibition is an international exhibition specially held for consumer products. Through this exhibition, the traditional concept of “low price” and “poor quality” of consumer products in Belarus market will be completely changed. The exhibition will select high-quality enterprises and products in its industry and launch the brand image of Chinese consumer goods.

Scope of exhibits

Household cleaning and household tools: bathroom appliances, cleaning supplies and utensils, storage supplies, household hardware tools, shopping baskets and packaging, household plastics, ceramics, glass, metal products, etc

Household products, household accessories: household decorations, household textiles, travel products, luggage, lamps and lanterns, wall decorations, wall clocks and desk clocks, small furniture, small ornaments, etc

Kitchenware, tableware: cooking and baking utensils, cookware, cooking electrical equipment, cutting tools and accessories, baking tray, glassware, porcelain, pottery, kitchen furniture, bar and drinking utensils, tablecloth, table accessories, tools and accessories, etc

Household appliances, family health care: all kinds of small household appliances, vacuum cleaners, energy saving, heaters, humidifiers, water filtration, massage, health care, personal care appliances, etc