Eagles will let rookies take over Reggie to learn from veteran Jackson

This year, the Hawks signed a first round pick to take over Jalen reagor, and his mentor is already in the squad.

Veteran desean Jackson is the right coach for reggae, but that’s what Eagle coach Doug Pederson thinks.

“He (Reggie) will come to the training camp, focus on one position, learn from desean Jackson and learn as much as he can,” Pederson said. Of course, the tactics book is also very important, but we need to see how much potential he can show and how much growth he can make in the off-season training camp. Then we can get him to take multiple positions. There is also a point, our outside take over has the ability to change position, the outside can change to the inside play, and vice versa. We will let him focus on one position first and then develop slowly. “