Gao Fu, the quarterback of the ram: the advantage of stable attacking team

The COVID-19 has disrupted the NFL’s off-season, but some teams think it will be less challenging for them than for others.

That’s what Jared Goff, the Los Angeles Rams quarterback, thinks. Even if ram welcomes new attack coordinator Kevin O’Connell this year, Goff doesn’t have to learn the whole new attack system online, because RAM will still use the attack tactics used in the past two seasons. Such continuity should at least help the ram.

“Things are changing very quickly and are changing every week at the moment,” Goff said in an interview. “It’s a good thing that the whole league uses similar off-season arrangements, so there won’t be any teams at a disadvantage.”

“I do feel that using the same attacking system and having the same players in the attacking team gives us an advantage. It’s obvious that our defense team has to step on the training ground to learn the new system. “

“But when the new season comes, there will be other teams trying to adopt the new system at both ends of attack and defense, which is almost impossible. So it’s going to be an advantage for us. “

Of course, the ram offensive team has not changed at all. During the off-season, running guard Todd Gurley and outsider brandin cooks left. Although other key players still stay in the team, the team needs to adapt to the new running guards, and this process usually depends on on on-site training.

Familiarity with the system certainly means that rams may be one or two steps ahead of other teams learning the new system. With everything changing rapidly, Goff doesn’t have to worry about learning new tactics. When the team starts training camp, the ram can quickly get into shape.