Is a baseball catcher always squatting?

  1. First of all, we can be sure that whether Asian squatting or American squatting, squatting must be tired, but there are always corresponding ways to alleviate and adjust. When there is no one on the base, the catcher usually uses the most comfortable squatting position. Of course, the premise is to make sure that he is exposed to the pitcher’s big enough goal (MD, bitch, as long as you can control the ball, hit me in the chest, right, it’s Pitcher). As for why most of the catchers in MLB don’t use Asian squat, I guess the first is that most of them can’t complete the difficult action of Asian squat (after all, it’s called Asian squat, the name shouldn’t be passed), or it’s not so easy to get up when squatting down; the second is that it may hinder the vision of the pitcher. I think the first reason is more likely to be analyzed based on the quality and control level of MLB pitchers and the unrestrained (wrong, open and free) character of Lao Mei. As for people on the bases, don’t think about comfortable squats. You should always be on guard against those bunnies stealing the base. You have to think about which one is too far away from the base. You have to be on guard against your pitcher’s “anti-aircraft guns” and “plowing melons”. So you should squat down in the fastest way. What, tired?! Bear it!!! Second, if the catcher is tired, he can lend the pitcher the chance to get up and move. In addition, the pitcher K has dropped the hitter, started the catcher to fly high, left the home base to touch to kill the opportunity and so on are all good opportunities to get through the meridians!