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Recently, there are many different versions of the news about the whereabouts of the NBA player igodara, but the Grizzlies boss didn’t plan to buy him out, because the current Grizzlies ranked eighth in the west, they have a great prospect for the playoffs, and Grizzlies have no reason to trade him to potential playoff opponents. Igodara was traded to the Grizzlies by warriors last summer, with $17.19 million remaining on his contract for the final year.

Igodara also has his own attitude towards his future. According to the sources, if the Grizzlies can’t make a deal to send igodara away before the trade deadline, igodara will not represent the Grizzlies in all the remaining games of the season, because igodara has reached an agreement with the Grizzlies. When looking for a deal, he can not go to the team to report and participate in the game.

For igodara’s comments, grizzlies player Dillon said in an interview: “I know igodara very well. He is an excellent basketball player, but he doesn’t need his team to have him, because he doesn’t want to help the team, so trade him as soon as possible.” Later, team rookie Morant forwarded the comment, and also praised a netizen’s comment: “f * * k igodara.” Obviously these young people are very angry about igodara’s remarks.