Lightning quarterback Philippe rivers will be a free agent

Philip rivers’ lightning journey is coming to an end.

On Monday, lightning officials announced that the team has reached an agreement with rivers, who will become a free agent and will not stay for next season.

General manager Tom telesco said: “at the end of last season, after finishing, we contacted Philip and his representatives again, talked about the future goals, evaluated the current situation of the big list, and tried to find a path agreed by both sides. Finally we decided that the best thing for Philip and lightning was to let go of the past. It was a great journey. “

“We agree to make a decision before the opening of the free market, which is good for the success of both sides in 2020.”

Rivers’s five-year contract of $83.25 million has ended. His passing completion rate last season was 66%. He pushed forward 4615 yards, reached the formation 23 times, and was intercepted 20 times, showing signs of decline. Last year lightning won a total of five games, losing nine games are only one time from the victory.

After arriving at blitz as the No. 4 show in 2004, rivers led the Blitz pass to advance 51923 yards, reached 395 times, was intercepted 197 times, entered the playoffs six times, and even dragged the torn anterior cruciate ligament of the knee to the 2008 American Federation final.

Rivers will still be popular in the free market, at least for Tampa Bay pirates.

There are also veteran tyrod Taylor and 2019 five round show Easton stick in the lightning squad, who can sign a young player on the 6th.