Los Angeles RAM will meet with runner Todd golly to discuss the future

Todd Gurley, the Los Angeles ram runner, became the focus of attention for the second consecutive off-season.

Gerley made 223 runs and 857 yards last season, all of which are career lows, and his performance in passing and attacking is not as good as ever. Such a performance did not dispel doubts about gerley’s left knee injury.

GOLLY’s contract is only two years old, and now ram needs to consider how to deal with the contract, which includes $45 million in guaranteed income.

NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport reported Thursday that ram management plans to meet with golly before the next revenue protection clause takes effect.

“As far as I know, what ram wants to do – especially what manager Sean McVay wants to do – is to talk to golly before making any decision,” Rapoport said. “So this is what might happen before they decide what to do with golly, who was once the best running guard in the league.”

“Obviously it will not be a simple decision. It’s only theoretically feasible to cut him to save money, but from the perspective of salary cap, it’s very difficult. There will be more than 10 million dollars of redundant salary space to cut him. If they do so before June 1, they will have a huge loss. He is more likely to be traded. Obviously, it will still have some impact on the salary cap, but it can reduce some problems in the salary field. No matter what they decide about Todd golly, they may do so by mid March, when golly will receive a retention bonus of more than $7 million. It’s going to be a very expensive decision, but given his experience, the pain in his knee and the attention paid to him, of course you can see why at least all the options are possible. “

NFL TV network reporter Tom pelissero reported that if the ram cuts golly now, he will occupy the redundant salary space of $2015 million.

Maybe RAM can find a deal with a lot of salary space. But as perithero says, any deal may need to be completed before the retention bonus takes effect in mid March.