NBA’s most reluctant to spend money star!

He is a very economical man. He won’t buy many new clothes. He doesn’t have many luxury cars. Even in 2010, he had someone on twitter lend him an account with ESPN insider permission. What’s the equivalent? Yao Ming tweeted that he wanted a Tencent member to watch the NBA…. it’s a migrant worker Du. He demands himself from migrant workers everywhere, whether it’s dressing, dressing or expressing love to Scarlett. Even when you need to use an ESPN account, you can borrow it! This hard-working, simple and thrifty spirit is worth learning from NBA players.

This reminds me that James Wade, another thrifty maniac in the NBA, once said that James was the cheapest player he had ever seen, because he even had to save a little international roaming fee. According to wade, when the two brothers went on holiday to the Spanish pirates, as long as they got off the yacht to a place where there was no Wi-Fi, Lao Zhan would definitely lose contact.