NHL team help is not “top” material? How to break the “righting” game

August 18 news in the workplace, there is a law that some people may only be suitable to be “deputy” and never be “top”. In NHL, it is no exception. If a team is going to hire an assistant general manager as general manager, it’s like a guessing game. It’s up to luck to get the right answer.

The general manager is not everyone

Generally speaking, whenever there is a vacancy in the position of general manager of an NHL team, most of the publicly recognized candidates have either been general manager or assistant general manager for many years.

A person with general manager experience usually has their own resume. They either perform well in the previous team, or perform poorly, or perform well, etc.

Fans can judge what they are likely to do by what they have done. It is rare for a person who struggles to be a general manager in one team to suddenly become a genius in another team.

However, for those who have been assistant general managers for a long time, this is not unchangeable. Sometimes, fans can hear that they are all people who have been engaged in ice hockey for a long time. They have achieved various excellent results in their previous job. After years of hard work behind the scenes, they are now ready to accept an important job. Sometimes, that’s how it works.