Quarterback Ryan Tannehill: hope to continue playing for Titan

Ryan Tannehill’s future will soon usher in a huge turning point.

His future is still unknown. He may return to Titan, Tennessee, or join other teams.

“I like what we did there last season,” Tannehill said on a radio show. “The players and I want to come back. We’ll see what happens. Obviously, it depends on the last two weeks here. There are a lot of renegotiations that will determine our position. We’ll see. No matter what happens, it’s going to be an exciting two weeks. “

During the offseason last year, Tennessee hill was abandoned by the Miami Dolphins due to a history of injuries and erratic performance. Titan traded him in as a backup quarterback.

And there’s a key word in this deal that can’t be ignored: the substitute. Titan’s move to Tennessee hill is designed to avoid a second injury to starting quarterback Marcus mariota, when the team was left unused. But mariotta’s poor performance soon led Titan to decide to change the starting quarterback. Titan made a breakthrough.