The ascetic monk, Kako, relies on his talent and efforts to enter the adult world

Kapo – Kako, 86 kg beast, can attack and defend, can transmit and shoot, can bump people into the board wall, can’t take care of themselves, can also withstand the body collision of most adults. When other people’s 18-year-old is still crying in his girlfriend’s arms, Kako has been rolling on the ice of adults for many years. This is Kapo Kako, a dominant 18-year-old who is about to play in the world’s top league.

In his hometown of Finland, Kako has already become a household name. He began to “jump” when he was young. He found that his league was boring, and then he went on to further study. Before long, he came to Finland’s top league. At the age of 18, he broke balkov’s record. Then he played for Finland in the world championship and won the championship.

Interestingly, although Kako was second to Hughes, he beat Hughes many times on the stage of the world championship. In the final of Hughes’ World Youth Championship, Kako scored the winning goal for Finland, which disappointed Hughes and others. At this year’s World Championships, Hughes’s U.S. team was eliminated by Russia in the quarter finals, while Kako’s Finland team won the championship all the way.

Unlike Hughes, Kako has no so-called ice hockey pedigree. His father is a policeman and his mother is a kindergarten teacher. Despite his unique talent, no one has recommended or accumulated resources for him. Kako’s own honest character also makes it difficult for him to show his brilliance in social occasions. Kako’s success depends on his abnormal strength and hard training day by day 。

Kako is shy and kind-hearted in appearance, but he is extremely harsh on himself. As long as his strength allows, he will immediately throw himself into the crowd of adults to play. Every time he enters a different dressing room, he is always the smallest player, and the face of the players inside will be changed.

But miraculously, the hooded and hardworking kid is very popular with the adults. Unlike Hughes, he is totally different from Hughes. Kako’s personality charm is in another field. “The adults like this kid very much. He is a child of good quality off the field, and he is a very reliable teammate on the field.”