The new crown virus has seriously affected MLB’s new season schedule, and it’s hard to start until May

As the outbreak of the new crown virus is growing all over the world, MLB major league baseball has informed all teams on Friday local time in the United States, allowing all players in major league and minor league participating in spring training to leave the team and return home according to their own wishes, until the League further notice and arrangement.

This is a decision made after the meeting between MLB Major League and players’ Union. At present, players have three options: one is to stay in the spring training ground of the team for closed training; the other is to return to their hometown; the third is to return to the location of the team.

To this end, MLB official issued a special announcement to explain the situation: “in Arizona, the league and MLB players’ Union made a decision after the meeting, the major league of American professional baseball spring training immediately stopped, players can decide to stay at the team’s spring training site, go home or return to the team’s location. We will continue to monitor the current situation and follow the preventive measures recommended by public health experts. We would like to extend our sincere greetings to every individual and organization affected by the new coronavirus. “