The present situation and research of heat transfer printing technology

Nowadays, fashion handicrafts are increasingly loved by people, and various transfer printing technologies used to manufacture handicrafts are also developed, attracting many entrepreneurs and fashion beauty lovers to use them. Transfer printing technology is a kind of special printing technology, which is widely used in various irregular porcelain, containers, textiles, commodity label printing and other fields, and has a very good market prospect. Among them, the most well-known transfer technology is water transfer and heat transfer. What is heat transfer? What are its features and uses? How about its transfer operation and market demand? Let’s discuss these problems one by one.

  1. Introduction to heat transfer printing technology

Transfer printing refers to a printing method of transferring the image and text on the intermediate carrier film to the substrate with corresponding pressure. According to the different pressure, transfer printing can be divided into water transfer, heat transfer, air transfer, screen transfer, low temperature transfer, etc. Among them, heat transfer printing is to print any picture such as portrait and scenery on color ink-jet paper (or special ink-jet paper for heat transfer) by using heat transfer ink (i.e. heat progress ink), or ordinary ink on adhesive film heat transfer paper, and then heat it to a certain temperature in a few minutes by heating equipment of heat transfer machine, so as to transfer the picture color on paper to porcelain, glass, metal, etc A special printing process for plastics, cotton textiles and other raw materials.

It can be seen that, with the use of heat transfer technology, even for drawings of various colors, since the heat transfer operation is only a process, customers can shorten the printing of drawings and reduce the loss of materials (finished products) caused by printing errors. In other words, the use of heat transfer film printing can make multi-color pictures into a picture at a time, without chromatic, even with some simple equipment can also print realistic pictures, so that it will greatly improve its scope of application and realize the transfer operation.