The world of RIL Muto, the best catcher in the League

J.t. realmuto’s deal has reached a crucial point in time after a year of high-profile trading rumors. According to the report, Cincinnati Redskins and Miami Marlins have reached a certain degree of consensus on the deal for rilmuto, which means that the day when the All-Star catcher was sent to Cincinnati may be coming.

Although the deal looks like it’s going to last forever, the idea that Marlin wants to get the biggest, best and most valuable package out of a lot of offers is understandable. Whether it’s the rumored Redskins, the Atlanta warriors, the San Diego priests, the Los Angeles Dodgers, or other half killed Cheng Yaojin, they will not only get the talented 27 year old player to upgrade their catcher position, they will also get one of the best physical players in the whole baseball industry.

Many major league players are rookie athletes in high school, but the athletic talent that riotto showed at Carl Abbott high school in Oklahoma is beyond the reach of others, even urban legends. On the baseball team, he hit 88 hits and 119 points in 42 games in a season in 2010, two records still hanging on the national table. During that period, 28 home runs were also ranked third in the national rankings.

What’s more unexpected is that riotto’s position in the baseball field was not a catcher, but a shortstop with the highest defensive difficulty in the infield! Throughout his high school career, riotto was in the guerrilla zone. What does that mean? It means that when Marlin picked him at the 2010 draft, he barely wore the catcher’s harness. But a scout on the team asked him if he would like to try the catcher’s position. He agreed, and there was nothing left to say.