Turner’s three-point gun chases the national backup

On October 7, the Division match of the League of nations continued, and Washington Nationals met with Los Angeles dodge at the National Stadium. National in the away game with the excellent performance of pitcher against the trend to win 1, this game back to home, sent Anibal – Sanchez as a starter, last year he was on behalf of the warriors, that playoff opponent is dodge.

In this game, Sanchez played well and lost only one point in five innings. However, Corbin, who came on the court in succession, suffered a heavy loss of points. He lost six points in 0.2 innings and dodge scored seven points to reverse the game. In the end, the first game of the National Stadium suffered a reversal, losing 4-10 to dodge, with a total score of 1-2 behind.

Dodge, Martin 2 hits 4 runs back 2 points, Turner 3 hits 3 points, generation play Fritz 3 hits 3 hits 3 runs back 2 points. On the national side, Soto’s two hits, two points and two runs back, are the only highlights of the national line-up.