What are the characteristics of NFL teams?

First of all, the patriot of New England is the biggest chicken in the world. If you are not obedient, go away minute by minute; if you dare to make trouble and raise wages, go away minute by minute; if you are old and weak, go away minute by minute. But chickens don’t mind problem children. The name of the New England correctional school is not white. Randy Moss, a bad tempered man, Josh Gordon, a drug addict last year, and AB, a mentally disabled child this year. The so-called hero never asks where he comes from. Patriots never reject the low ranking and down draft. From Tom Brady’s selection in 199 to down draft danay Amendola, the main all Wei develin is also down draft, transformed from DT Such a list is long. I think this is the most powerful place for patriots.

Secondly, a lot of players in other teams are not unusual, as soon as patriots data explosion, for example, Gilmore before the big buffalo performance is only average, to Boston has gradually become the best corner guard in the league. Chicken is not stingy in the contract, at least for the defense team’s contract is not ugly.