Why craft beer Italy?

Craft Beer Italy is the only local exhibition focusing on the production and marketing of craft beer. As a derivative exhibition of Brau beviale, Nuremberg beer show in Germany, the exhibition embodies the Italian craftsmanship and professionalism.

The world famous dumens Institute of beer, VLB Berlin Association and Italian local brewed beer association jointly participated in the support and organization of the exhibition and the forum / conference at the same time, which greatly improved the industry influence and appeal of the exhibition.

Scope of exhibits

Raw material

Malt, hops, yeast and additives, etc

Packaging and packaging materials

Beer filling equipment, barrel and its filling system, beer special packaging container and brewing system, beer packaging system and packaging articles

Control and handling

Sewage and water treatment system, laboratory equipment and supply, safety equipment, cleaning system, automatic control system, material measurement and control equipment, inspection and testing equipment, auxiliary materials, detergent, purification equipment, carbon dioxide equipment, lubricant, etc

Marketing and catering equipment

Bar equipment, drinking utensils, cleaning equipment, refrigeration equipment, catering furniture, dose dispenser, vending machine, advertising related, etc