Why is the oil painting dim after drying?

First of all, turpentine is suitable for pen washing and palette washing because of its corrosive effect. You can also dilute toner oil and flaxseed oil. But it’s also equally corrosive to color. So turpentine must be the first reason.

Second, our domestic toner oil and linseed oil have more or less impurities, which are easy to turn yellow after painting. There will be conflicts with the color of the screen. As time goes on, and color constantly infiltrate each other will also f “born dim feeling.

So ancient people used Dama resin and Matti resin as media, which can keep the color bright for a long time. But it’s expensive and hard to dry. So now we use alkyd resin one – that is, Likun

It can be used as a medium, used for color matching, quick drying and fresh-keeping, which is loved by many people, including me, and it can also be used as a varnish, which will not change color, and a protective film.

I think it’s about the oil and the paint. More or less everyone will appear the phenomenon of dim picture, but it’s better not to use quick dry oil, it’s not OK to polish later. How much of the oil to control — next, later oil larger – some.

In terms of pigments, common pigments are not as bright as good ones, but generally they are relatively stable in synthesis. However, good pigments have the following characteristics: they can not be mixed randomly, and they will react in a long time