After playing this year’s playoffs

If it is modified by heartlessness, ah, worry free Owen is also such a player. He is heartless at any time, right? I can’t see how excited he is. Russell is also a well-known well-known player, so this may also be his.

This advantage, ah, is excellent in projection, ability, explosive ability, speed, reaction speed, explosive ability, ah, the intensity of the body, um, this system is not excellent among All-Star players among superstars. So, where is the upper limit in the future? It’s hard to say.

Er, after playing this year’s playoffs, we have to look at this year’s playoffs. At 678, it’s very likely that the first round, er, is not possible, but absolutely the first round. The attack of the 76ers, bucks and Celtic can be seen as a challenging role. Among these super strong guards, you can test how good you are. Well, Russell will go to the playoffs this year.

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