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The Canadiens have been to the 3rd round of the playoffs twice

Carey Price place his practical his mind and savored as soon as.

The Montreal Canadiens goalie hardly ever shows emotion, however in this instance, he couldn’t help himself.

Mere seconds earlier, he’d watched Artturi Lehkonen rating the series-winning goal at 1:39 of overtime to provide the Canadiens a 3-2 success against the Vegas Golden Knights in Video game 6 of the Stanley Cup Semifinals in Bell Center in Montreal on Thursday, and the truth was environment in.

He would the Stanley Glass Final for the very first time in his profession.

He received a wink from Canadiens general supervisor Marc Bergevin. He waved to his family members in the stands. He desired them to talk about in the victory, similar to the entire town of Montreal was.

For the gamer selected by the Canadiens with the Simply no. 5 choose in the 2005 NHL Draft, it had been period to celebrate with the 3,500 followers in the arena.

It has been 28 years because the Canadiens possess played in the Cup Final. They’ll perform the Tampa Bay Lightning, with Game 1 in Tampa on Monday .

Price made 37 saves, non-e bigger compared to the 1 on defenseman Alec Martinez 1:32 into overtime. Montreal quickly transitioned to offense, finding yourself with a 4-on-2 that was completed off by Lehkonen.

The Canadiens ended the regular season with 59 points, the fewest of the 16 teams to be eligible for the Stanley Glass Playoffs, but Cost said they never considered themselves to be underdogs.

The Canadiens have been to the 3rd round of the playoffs twice (2010, 2014) since Price entered the NHL in 2007. He was wishing the third time will be the elegance, especially after what occurred seven years back.

In Game 1 of the 2014 Eastern Conference Last against the brand new York Rangers, Cost sustained a lower-body injury when Rangers forward Chris Kreider crashed into him skates-1st after lacking the web on a breakaway in the next period of New York’s 7-2 victory. He skipped the rest of the best-of-7 series, that your Rangers received in six video games.

Price could be considered a difference maker these times. Vegas scored 13 goals in the six games, nine in the ultimate five.

Along the way, he and the Canadiens turn off the Golden Knights’ top two forward lines, specifically their two leading scorers.

Mark Rock led Vegas with 61 points (21 goals, 40 assists) in the standard season, and previous Montreal captain Max Pacioretty was second with 51 factors (24 goals, 27 assists), however the two forwards combined for just one objective in the series, Pacioretty’s in the 3rd amount of Montreal’s 4-1 win in Video game 5.

Right now the Canadiens move upon, in large component because of Price.

If you have certain running and jumping ability

Positive energy, energy is to bring fresh blood and fresh energy to the Rockets, right? If you want to say, you have to take the data with kabela. I tell you, if you are a center, you come here to take the data, ah, you are more than 2.10 meters. If you have certain running and jumping ability, you and harden Paul can completely enter the data.

Paul is, the configuration of the center of Paul and hardensy throw cake, you give which center to which has the ability to run and jump this player, can send such data, completely can not care about the coffee or furio, completely don’t care about the lack of energy, O want to top the coffee. We have to play the position of center. We don’t talk about the weight of Ben Wallace, strength, strength.

Yes, dazhuguan, ah, the height of Bradley. If you want height, if you don’t have height, if you don’t have weight, how do you play the No.5 position, and how do you play the center, right? It’s the same with the death of the warriors. Green is not going to play as a center. He just fills the position of No.5. There is no way for him to play. He has to play a small space, so he can only play in this lineup. Green is at a loss in this position and faces the other side. All races are at a loss. You have to compare the data of counterpoint. Green needs to be destroyed.

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The 40 newspapers of Tang poetry have played very well in recent games

Five kills and 10 free throws. Ah, even more often, it’s indisputable to fight for the first center in the league. Well, it’s just thinking. You have to do it in this position. It has this function. Ah, the 40 newspapers of Tang poetry have played very well in recent games. We, yes, Tang Shi, of course, er, how to say it is also an attitude of encouragement. Right, players, we are just encouraging if we play well. Ah, we have to criticize if we play poorly. But from my personal point of view, then the NBA has to compete for the position of the first center in the league. I think it’s an undisputed experience after playing.

This game, after this year’s regular season, ah, there will be a fair judgment. Ah, the 76ers are going to play in the playoffs now. If they play to the East, if they play, how can they sum up? Is that right? As the first center of the league, Tang Shi can’t play in the playoffs.

You and your spouse. Do you deserve it? Do you deserve the name of the first center? Well, it was the same for Kao Jin Shi in those years. The first center in the League needs to go first, right? He can’t play in the playoffs. He was spurned and reviled, right? So he left the king. Now he’s gone again.

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After playing this year’s playoffs

If it is modified by heartlessness, ah, worry free Owen is also such a player. He is heartless at any time, right? I can’t see how excited he is. Russell is also a well-known well-known player, so this may also be his.

This advantage, ah, is excellent in projection, ability, explosive ability, speed, reaction speed, explosive ability, ah, the intensity of the body, um, this system is not excellent among All-Star players among superstars. So, where is the upper limit in the future? It’s hard to say.

Er, after playing this year’s playoffs, we have to look at this year’s playoffs. At 678, it’s very likely that the first round, er, is not possible, but absolutely the first round. The attack of the 76ers, bucks and Celtic can be seen as a challenging role. Among these super strong guards, you can test how good you are. Well, Russell will go to the playoffs this year.

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The difficulty coefficient multiplied by 1.8 times two is a little too much

The introduction of this data is very difficult to break. OK, the person in charge said that the difficulty degree of weishao’s data is, er, the third best in the triple double library. The difficulty coefficient multiplied by 1.8 times two is a little too much. Dare to say, ah, two?

Why dare not say and afraid of insulting Curry’s feeling? Nursing fans are certainly not happy, but I am very responsible to tell you that three pairs are very, very difficult. You can ask professional players. You have friends but you still play sports school. You can ask about playing basketball. You said that if you can win three doubles in one game, do you have the ability to win three doubles in one game?

Can you play? Ah, and now is the era of three points, people generally attach great importance to Sanfeng, so this kind of data is constantly being refreshed, and the triple double record is constantly being refreshed. Have you ever seen Wei Shao? He’s a special character. He’s a special case. It’s a phenomenal performance. The three-point long-range shooter is the phenomenal performance of many players in the NBA.

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The best results on the fifth appearance

This player is a good candidate for the future. We can pull out one or two of these players, a dozen or 20. For example, a dozen or 20 players are optimistic about these players.

Young players with potential, standard and middle age can pull out. Can one or two become the drama of the time, the drama of the time and the contemporary drama, right. These, are the basis, ah, you say, precision 8 points is not good? Right, he can’t play patchwork level is OK, can you tell me that McGrady is not good? Right, well, McGrady didn’t win the championship, right?

Well, the eastern champion didn’t play, the Western champion didn’t win, it doesn’t count with the Spurs, in the Rockets to play the best results, the best results on the fifth appearance, go to work again The fifth look, right? At that time, I thought the Rockets were very powerful. The Rockets were very powerful, right? Now you look at the achievements of the Rockets. Now the Rockets are really powerful, right? Harden has played how many playoffs. It’s OK. Look at how many playoffs he has played.

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We said that the 76ers team played the playoffs on the veteran

Completely, that is, rely on, Reddick, and the back internal force two veteran outside projection, outside ah, this, er, this is normal, play very much on the field to play the Rhine game, Pirelli is still a little bit poor, Reddick, throw a little bit better, baby baby there is a lot of good situation. Text, Saric all played like shit, right?

We said that the 76ers team played the playoffs on the veteran. Last year’s game, we said, last year’s game in April can be turned out. Listen to us, maybe it’s not as systematic as what we say now. It’s just relying on the veteran to support the scene. Right? In fact, enbid and Simmons will pass in the first round, and they will only pass and score a pass.

Right? In this round, when we reach the Celtic, we will show our true colors, especially Simmons, we will get a point in a game. We are starting with a point in the Title. Fitness one point Mr. Simmons, right? It’s the shame of the playoffs. Zero point Mr. lorry one point Mr. Simmons, of course, lorry this kind of thing. He himself is, er, maybe he didn’t play well in this game, right? But Simmons, you can see that he played to the playoffs without projection.

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If you add some players or tie-in Hart

It’s prepared by Ford clause, so it won’t move before the 4th. Our prediction won’t move. If the Lakers want to move the 4th, then they should be 100% sure which one will get the bare lead or lead. Now as long as the Lakers can add Ingram.

If you add some players or tie-in Hart, it’s no problem. Hart doesn’t have much influence on the Lakers. You can add the data of hitters, these three players and some first round payment Anthony Davis. I think it’s worth it.

Stay, pants, No. 4 and the operation of the big three and the third. Er, the third giant pointed out that Leonard Lyonnais No. 4 signed with pants. I personally think the Raptors will gladly accept this trading framework. The premise is that Leonard is willing to leave and join the Lakers.

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This contract is a premium contract

This contract is a premium contract. We need to know that under the current situation in the East, the most important thing is the movement ability of the front line, so hofford obviously does not have such characteristics. With the increase of age, this attribute will become smaller and smaller. Therefore, I personally think that there are only two ways for hofford to stay in front of him. One way is a three-year 50 million contract. All the teams that can win the championship, whether they are Eastern champions or Western champions, are more likely to stay in the eastern region.

Then, the second way is a four-year 100 million or a four-year 80 million. Joining, a lousy team, the eastern part of the situation is actually very obvious, can play the playoffs a little hard can play the playoffs, can not play the playoffs of the team or do not want to play the playoffs of the team crazy lousy, willing to eat hofford.

There are very few teams with 100 million contracts. They have no clear goals. They are not willing to spend four years to train young players. If they can’t play in the playoffs, it will be more beneficial

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The three-point shooting percentage is good

There is always too much. The only thing that is lacking is the dedication. I just said that a successful team must have a good set of risks. You can’t hook and you can prevent Morris from being an offensive and defensive player.

It’s not bad. The three-point shooting percentage is good. , Qi Gao, right, two points were just like that by the main force, but his three-point shooting percentage increased and he was embarrassed to interrupt. On this, the show said that we said that Morris is not a panacea or a savior, but it is very important to the Spurs. Some people can care about the Spurs now being the worst three-pointer per game in the league. The team does not have one of the worst teams, xx in the front row. The Bucks, including the Daigo Lone Ranger, are able to throw in 145 per game. The Spurs averaged less than 10 per game. What is the problem? This team will not shoot. Morris is here to save the three-pointer.

He hopes to have a second marriage. Success, but Spurs players and Spurs fans may have seen it. It