If you add some players or tie-in Hart

It’s prepared by Ford clause, so it won’t move before the 4th. Our prediction won’t move. If the Lakers want to move the 4th, then they should be 100% sure which one will get the bare lead or lead. Now as long as the Lakers can add Ingram.

If you add some players or tie-in Hart, it’s no problem. Hart doesn’t have much influence on the Lakers. You can add the data of hitters, these three players and some first round payment Anthony Davis. I think it’s worth it.

Stay, pants, No. 4 and the operation of the big three and the third. Er, the third giant pointed out that Leonard Lyonnais No. 4 signed with pants. I personally think the Raptors will gladly accept this trading framework. The premise is that Leonard is willing to leave and join the Lakers.

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