If you have certain running and jumping ability

Positive energy, energy is to bring fresh blood and fresh energy to the Rockets, right? If you want to say, you have to take the data with kabela. I tell you, if you are a center, you come here to take the data, ah, you are more than 2.10 meters. If you have certain running and jumping ability, you and harden Paul can completely enter the data.

Paul is, the configuration of the center of Paul and hardensy throw cake, you give which center to which has the ability to run and jump this player, can send such data, completely can not care about the coffee or furio, completely don’t care about the lack of energy, O want to top the coffee. We have to play the position of center. We don’t talk about the weight of Ben Wallace, strength, strength.

Yes, dazhuguan, ah, the height of Bradley. If you want height, if you don’t have height, if you don’t have weight, how do you play the No.5 position, and how do you play the center, right? It’s the same with the death of the warriors. Green is not going to play as a center. He just fills the position of No.5. There is no way for him to play. He has to play a small space, so he can only play in this lineup. Green is at a loss in this position and faces the other side. All races are at a loss. You have to compare the data of counterpoint. Green needs to be destroyed.

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