The best results on the fifth appearance

This player is a good candidate for the future. We can pull out one or two of these players, a dozen or 20. For example, a dozen or 20 players are optimistic about these players.

Young players with potential, standard and middle age can pull out. Can one or two become the drama of the time, the drama of the time and the contemporary drama, right. These, are the basis, ah, you say, precision 8 points is not good? Right, he can’t play patchwork level is OK, can you tell me that McGrady is not good? Right, well, McGrady didn’t win the championship, right?

Well, the eastern champion didn’t play, the Western champion didn’t win, it doesn’t count with the Spurs, in the Rockets to play the best results, the best results on the fifth appearance, go to work again The fifth look, right? At that time, I thought the Rockets were very powerful. The Rockets were very powerful, right? Now you look at the achievements of the Rockets. Now the Rockets are really powerful, right? Harden has played how many playoffs. It’s OK. Look at how many playoffs he has played.

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