The three-point shooting percentage is good

There is always too much. The only thing that is lacking is the dedication. I just said that a successful team must have a good set of risks. You can’t hook and you can prevent Morris from being an offensive and defensive player.

It’s not bad. The three-point shooting percentage is good. , Qi Gao, right, two points were just like that by the main force, but his three-point shooting percentage increased and he was embarrassed to interrupt. On this, the show said that we said that Morris is not a panacea or a savior, but it is very important to the Spurs. Some people can care about the Spurs now being the worst three-pointer per game in the league. The team does not have one of the worst teams, xx in the front row. The Bucks, including the Daigo Lone Ranger, are able to throw in 145 per game. The Spurs averaged less than 10 per game. What is the problem? This team will not shoot. Morris is here to save the three-pointer.

He hopes to have a second marriage. Success, but Spurs players and Spurs fans may have seen it. It