This contract is a premium contract

This contract is a premium contract. We need to know that under the current situation in the East, the most important thing is the movement ability of the front line, so hofford obviously does not have such characteristics. With the increase of age, this attribute will become smaller and smaller. Therefore, I personally think that there are only two ways for hofford to stay in front of him. One way is a three-year 50 million contract. All the teams that can win the championship, whether they are Eastern champions or Western champions, are more likely to stay in the eastern region.

Then, the second way is a four-year 100 million or a four-year 80 million. Joining, a lousy team, the eastern part of the situation is actually very obvious, can play the playoffs a little hard can play the playoffs, can not play the playoffs of the team or do not want to play the playoffs of the team crazy lousy, willing to eat hofford.

There are very few teams with 100 million contracts. They have no clear goals. They are not willing to spend four years to train young players. If they can’t play in the playoffs, it will be more beneficial

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