We said that the 76ers team played the playoffs on the veteran

Completely, that is, rely on, Reddick, and the back internal force two veteran outside projection, outside ah, this, er, this is normal, play very much on the field to play the Rhine game, Pirelli is still a little bit poor, Reddick, throw a little bit better, baby baby there is a lot of good situation. Text, Saric all played like shit, right?

We said that the 76ers team played the playoffs on the veteran. Last year’s game, we said, last year’s game in April can be turned out. Listen to us, maybe it’s not as systematic as what we say now. It’s just relying on the veteran to support the scene. Right? In fact, enbid and Simmons will pass in the first round, and they will only pass and score a pass.

Right? In this round, when we reach the Celtic, we will show our true colors, especially Simmons, we will get a point in a game. We are starting with a point in the Title. Fitness one point Mr. Simmons, right? It’s the shame of the playoffs. Zero point Mr. lorry one point Mr. Simmons, of course, lorry this kind of thing. He himself is, er, maybe he didn’t play well in this game, right? But Simmons, you can see that he played to the playoffs without projection.

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